Stoner’s Strawberry Jam

Prep. TimeCooking TimeReady In Time
15-20 mins30 mins45-50 mins

Difficulty: easy

Combine tastes by pairing your strawberry marmalade with a cheese platter!

How to make Stoner’s Strawberry Jam?


  • ¼ cup cannabis honey

  • 3 cups sugar

  • ¼ cup lemon juice

  • 4 cups fresh strawberries, cut in half without the stems

  • 2 jars with lids


  1. Divide your cannabis honey into two equal parts and separate it in the 2 mason jars.

  2. In a saucepan cook at very low temperature the sugar and lemon juice for 10 minutes (10 minutes is an indicative time; cook the sugar in the lemon juice until the first completely dissolves).

  3. Place the strawberries in the saucepan and cook for 20 minutes (the strawberries should start losing their liquids and becoming mushy; the temperature of the blend will be very high).

  4. When the mixture is ready, transfer the strawberry, sugar, lemon juice sauce in the jars. Try to equally divide the sauce in both jars. Be careful – the mixture is hot!

  5. Blend the strawberry sauce with the honey using a spoon. The better you mix, the tastier the result.

  6. Let the jam cool down.

  7. Seal the Mason jar and put it in the fridge.