Everything You Need To Know About Mailing Weed

Posted 1 year ago by Sera

Despite the fact that marijuana is now legalized across more than half of the USA, it’s surprisingly still highly illegal to send it in the mail. Needless to say, there are still people who do it every day without being bothered. While there are plenty of people successfully mailing weed, there is always going to be the factor of legality to worry about.


The Federal Government’s stance on cannabis is part of the reason for this. It is even still illegal to mail weed from one state where cannabis is legal to another state where it’s legal. So how do you get away with it successfully? While there is never going to be a full guarantee of success, there are some “harm reduction” techniques that we can suggest to you.


When it comes to mailing weed, there are things that you should do, things that you should avoid and things that you definitely should not do – at least if you want to avoid getting in any serious trouble. So we have all the information that you might need on shipping weed within the USA. The executive decision about whether or not you should finally do it will be left up to you.


What risks do you face?


Before we get into some epic advice about how to mail successfully, you should first know what risks you’re going to be taking. If you’re not comfortable with the smallest risk of getting caught, then it’s probably safer if you don’t go sending any weed in the mail. That’s the only way to abstain from any risk whatsoever. After you do make that postage drop, you’re essentially risking:


  • Losing a package: This is the second-best scenario to successfully mailing it. Losing the package essentially means losing weed and losing money, but it’s not the worst case scenario.
  • Actually getting caught: Okay – this is the worst case scenario. If you get caught sending, you are breaking both state and federal laws. If you are the recipient and you get caught, you also risk some legal problems. You could even be facing jail time depending on how much you’re trying to mail and whether or not you are charged with the intention of distribution.


Deciding where you’re going to send it



Well, it doesn’t really matter where you send it – because anyway putting it in the mailbox is illegal. But there are… varying degrees of illegal, aren’t there? So here is some information about the difference between mailing weed within the same state and mailing weed interstate.



Interstate mail

If you post something over state lines, it is considered interstate commerce. Which technically puts it under federal jurisdiction. So we’re talking about some serious crime if you want to put weed in that package. If you were to get caught, it would be much more serious than if you were posting it somewhere within the same state.


Keeping it local

Sending weed packages in the same state is probably the safest option. It’s much less likely that federal police would get involved, meaning that the gravity of your charge would be much less.


At the end of the day fellow weed friends, you can’t post marijuana without any risk. Despite the modern age being fairly liberal in terms of buying, selling and smoking weed, we haven’t yet reached that freedom with mailing weed. Even if you package it correctly and take all of the necessary precautions, there’s still the possibility of your package encountering sniffer dogs at sorting facilities. Plus, with the number of people trying to get away with mailing weed, police have developed better detection technologies and strategies.


Choosing a postal service

The postal service you choose can play a role in the final outcome, and we’re going to explain why. There are essentially two “categories” of postal service within the USA. The first is the postal service that is an agency of the government (USPS), and the second category is private postal services (FedEx, UPS, DHL). As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to both – but ultimately, it ain’t legal to use either.


Some people would actually prefer to send with USPS, despite the fact that they are an agency of the federal government. There are a number of reasons behind this. The most important is that the USPS is subject to many rules about package inspection, according to the Fourth Amendment. Without a warrant, they cannot open and inspect a package. And they must have reasonable cause for a warrant. Having said that, part of the DEA’s drug trafficking laws include the federal postage service being monitored – so there’s definitely cons involved, too.

Pros of USPS: it’s free, doesn’t require a return address and there’s less chance of package inspection

Cons of USPS: they are a federal agency, and falls under the jurisdiction of federal police


As we mentioned, the second option is a private mailing service such as DHL or FedEx. It might seem safer to choose one of these companies because they aren’t linked to the federal government. But don’t be so sure. You basically sign away any privacy to your package by sending with private organizations and the employees of these companies are notorious for opening packages and stealing. That being said, they are also obliged to comply with the federal government when it comes to trafficking laws etc.

Pros of DHL, FedEx, and UPS: they aren’t linked with the federal government

Cons of DHL, FedEx, and UPS: they are expensive, require a return address and employees are well known to open packages.


How to make your package inconspicuous

You’ve reached this point because despite the number of times we’ve used the word “illegal”, you still insist on mailing marijuana. So now comes the next important step: packaging your weed and making it as inconspicuous as possible. We highly recommend that you don’t send more than one ounce. After this amount, the punishment gets significantly worse.


Things that make your package suspicious:


  • Heavily taped seams
  • Fake return addresses
  • Omitting the phone number on the shipping label
  • The name of the sender or recipient not correlating to the address that was written
  • Handwritten labels
  • Fake business names


As tempting as it might be, it’s riskier to use fake names and fake return addresses. Don’t use fake ZIP codes either. Also, be careful to spell everything correctly when you are filling out the shipping label.


Things you must do when mailing weed:


  • Mask the smell by using vacuum sealed bags. If you have to (you probably should), use several bags over the first bag which contains the marijuana.
  • Use a brand new box
  • Use the name of a business for the return address rather than the name of an individual
  • Send it priority and pay with cash

Now, when it comes to covering up the smell of weed do not use sprays, deodorants or other scents. Other scents to do not cover up the smell of weed. Plus, it also makes your package suspicious and dogs will still smell marijuana anyway.



As a final note, please do not forget that you will always be taking risks when you put weed in the post. The risk goes both ways: you and the recipient might get into trouble. If your package gets lost, don’t’ go looking for it. Consider yourself lucky that you weren’t caught red handed and consider different options next time. Happy posting!

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