The Difference Between Tobacco Smoking and Vaporizing

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

In the past two decades, many studies have shown how tobacco smoking is injurious to health, and how it causes various illnesses. The invention of e-cigarettes or vaporizers has become an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are cheaper than conventional cigarettes. However, low price is not the reason behind the popularity of e-cigs; they are less harmful than traditional smoking as well. 

How Tobacco Smoking Is Harmful 

When tobacco in cigarettes is burned, it doesn’t only release nicotine. It contains over 10,000 dangerous substances that can damage the body in the long run. The list of released toxins includes extremely toxic components such as carbon monoxide, which reduces the blood’s ability to bind oxygen, and heavy metals such as cadmium, which is considered carcinogenic. It also has aggressive irritants such as ammonia. Even the radioactive element polonium is contained in small traces in cigarette smoke, which increases the risk of developing lung cancer for smokers. 

All pollutants in a conventional cigarette condense into a dangerous mixture when inhaled, which is deposited in the respiratory tract and partly gets into the bloodstream. Then, it is deposited as harmful plaque on the inner walls of the veins. This condensate is also known as tar. It is the cause of the development of circulatory disorders and chronic bronchitis in long-term smokers and the main reason for the danger of long-term passive smoking. 

Now, imagine how a smoker’s body tackles all these. A regular smoker has more chances of getting illnesses that can result in death. The lungs and heart get weaker when you smoke tobacco. It also increases the risk of different types of cancer. Thus, we can say that smoking is harmful in every way. 

How Electric Cigarettes Works 

The e-cigarette is based on the principle of vaporization, so those harmful combustion residues cannot arise. It doesn’t harm your lungs the way smoke does. It heats the liquid called e-liquid and generates the vapor. However, if you choose an e-cig to quit smoking, you can opt for e-liquids with nicotine. This is the only significant pollutant that is supplied to the body through the e-cigarette. The liquids are available with different nicotine concentrations so that the consumer can regulate the amount at any time by switching to a liquid with a higher or lower nicotine content. A slow exit from nicotine addiction is possible with the e-cigarette if you so wish. Many liquids are also available without nicotine so that you do not have to do without the usual vapor cigarette even after a possible withdrawal from nicotine addiction. You will also find CBD e-liquids that are beneficial for your health. Click here to know more about CBD. 

Passive smokers who are no longer burdened by the involuntary ingestion of pollutants can, of course, also benefit from the e-cigarette. This is particularly beneficial for the peaceful coexistence of smokers and non-smokers. Another major advantage of vaporizing is that undesirable combustion smells are prevented. Clothes and hair are free from the tobacco aroma, wallpaper and curtains will no longer turn yellow by switching to e-cigarettes. There are several online dispensaries like get kush, where you can get different types of e-liquids with CBD and other flavors. This fact has extremely positive effects on social life and the friendly treatment of non-smokers, which is easily possible thanks to the steam cigarette.