Get The Most From Your Cannabis: Whole Plant Therapy

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

With the introduction of a bill to federally legalize marijuana, as well as protect banks that serve state-legal cannabis businesses, the hype around cannabis is only growing. What’s more? Many people finally understand the role of cannabis as a wellness product.  

But like any medicine, if you don’t include all the bioactive components, it won’t assist you with all the power it has. What does this mean? Basically, cannabis contains a combination of compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so going for the cannabis plant as a whole enables you to get the most of your herb.  

To understand its importance, you must get a grip around a phrase called “Entourage effect.” Let’s begin! 

Entourage Effect- Unleashing The Power of Cannabis 

Research suggests that the whole plant acts as a medicine and is more effective for managing various health conditions like pain and inflammation. It does not mean that going for isolates won’t have any healing effects. It is just that you are limiting the potential of cannabis by opting for either CBD or THC isolates.  

Let’s take the entourage effect in terms of a musical group. The guitar player might be excellent. But if you combine it with the bass, vocals, and drums, that’s where the magic begins! 

Right now, CBD is acting like a rockstar. However, if you combine it with THC, the component outshines itself even more. And while this happens, it reduces the psychoactive effects of THC as well. Isn’t that amazing? 

But how to taste this wellness product? Let’s find out! 


Taste The Power of Cannabis in Its Raw Form

Cannabis contains Phyto cannabinoid acids. However, the number of these acids will greatly vary depending on the types of strains you choose. So, whenever you opt to buy your favorite strains from Cannabis dispensaries, you can ask the budtender about their nutritional capacities. 

Now that you know about the importance of full-spectrum cannabis and why opting for raw cannabis is good for you, the next step is to prepare it for practical consumption. 


Raw Cannabis Preparation Recipe 

You can incorporate raw cannabis into your daily diet as you do with any other green leafy veggies. Some patients even love the taste of natural cannabis. In contrast, others prefer to mask the taste with their familiar flavors to increase palatability.  

Here’s how you can do it.   

You can use the fresh cannabis leaves and cook them as sautéed cannabis greens. You can even prepare these leaves and make a smoothie or salad or use it to garnish your dish. But make sure that you use enough heat and temperature to decarboxylate the CBDA or THCA into CBD or THC, respectively.

Wrapping Up 

Cannabis is receiving the attention that it deserves. However, you must be aware of all the features before opting for your favorite products or extracts. That way, you can get the good benefits of this herb to manage your overall well-being.