Effects of Marijuana for Pain Relief: CBD vs THC

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

Is chronic pain taking a toll on you? Now that you’re looking for medications to cater to your problem, have you taken into consideration marijuana?  


Guess what? You have probably missed one of the safest and most effective health options. Yes, you heard that right! 

Searching the keyword “marijuana on the internet”, you’ll be amazed by its world of benefits. No doubt, medical marijuana is becoming an alternative treatment for chronic pain. Not only does it treat chronic pain, but it also helps with conditions like arthritis, injuries and migraines.  

Studies show that around 94% of Colorado medicinal cannabis patients indicate severe pain, making it essential for them to consume cannabis. A whopping 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Contrary to addictive opiates, CBD looks like a rescue. 

However, the sad news is that this safe and effective treatment doesn’t exist in pharmaceutical circles. You probably will have to look for CBD companies to reap the benefits of this magical plant.  

What are CBD and THC compounds

Cannabis or hemp comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. Experts claim hemp to contain 0.3 percent THC, or even less. CBD is available to be sold in gummies, gels, oils, extracts, supplements, and more.  

THC, on the other hand, is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis which produces a high sensation. You can consume the product by smoking cannabis or other means. Oils, hybrid indica strains like gorilla cake strains, tinctures, chocolates, gummies, and capsules contain THC. These products come into use when you’re looking for relaxation and heavy-handed euphoria. You will definitely receive a good night’s sleep, leaving you “glued” to the couch.  

You may see that both products interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. Yet, the effects of each on your body are pretty different. Read on to know how they differ. 

CBD vs THC: Chemical Structure  

Both CBD and THC have a similar molecular structure. These contain 21 carbon atoms, two oxygen atoms, and 30 hydrogen atoms.  

The only difference is how these atoms arrange accounts for different effects on your body. The chemicals in CBD and THC have a result similar to the body’s endocannabinoids, allowing easy interaction with the cannabinoid receptors. The exchange thereby affects the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals responsible for relaying messages between cells. The primary function of these transmitters is that they have roles in immune function, stress, sleep, etc.  

CBD vs THC: Psychoactive components:

Despite the same chemical structure of two compounds, CBD and THC don’t have the same psychoactive effects.

Although CBD is psychoactive, the manner isn’t the same as THC. CBD doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect as THC does and can help with anxiety, seizures, and depression.

CBD vs THC: Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of both compounds, CBD and THC, are the same. Both these products provide relief from a similar set of conditions.

CBD doesn’t cause the euphoric effects which mainly occur with THC. That’s the reason why many people prefer CBD- all thanks to its positive impact. Medical professionals are all pro for CBD usages as it treats rare conditions of epilepsy. Some other conditions which CBD claims to help with are:

  1. Seizures
  2. Inflammation
  3. Mental disorders, or psychosis
  4. Pain 
  5. Inflammatory bowel disease 
  6. Migraine 
  7. Depression 
  8. Nausea 
  9. Anxiety 


THC, on the other hand, finds usage in conditions like:

  1. Pain 
  2. Glaucoma 
  3. Muscle spasticity 
  4. Insomnia 
  5. Low appetite 
  6. Nausea 
  7. Anxiety 

Wrapping Up

Anecdotal reports show that cannabis is an excellent source for alleviating pain.

Whether you use CBD oil for nerve pain or back pain, there are numerous products that you can use. If CBD oil bores you, consider laying hands on different products. These may be creams or tinctures (dropper bottles that come with cannabis-infused oils). You can also consider capsules or candies, chocolates, or other cannabis-infused food.

The experts suggest going in for a full-plant extract whenever you’re thinking of a cannabis product. After all, with this product, you get a wide array of anti-inflammatory and healthful compounds in a Cannabis sativa plant.

Both THC and CBD have medical benefits. These are both safe, but medical professionals consider the possibility of drug interactions. Ensure to talk to a doctor or CBD clinician before use. Prefer asking all questions, if any, to get a dose of good health!