Cannabis For Insomnia – How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

Insomnia is a widespread condition today as millions of Americans struggle to get restful sleep. The reasons may vary, but the outcome is the same. A lack of adequate sleep can make you sick, stressed, and lethargic. While you may look to sleep medications for relief, many of them can cause more harm than good in the long run. Fortunately, you can rely on cannabis as a natural sleep aid to reset your sleep cycle subtly and without side effects. Here are some tips you can follow while using cannabis for insomnia. 

Know the CBD and THC ratios

The efficacy of a cannabis product for insomnia depends on its CBD to THC ratio. While both cannabinoids offer therapeutic benefitsTHC works as a more powerful sedative. It reduces REM, which gets you in a deeper and longer state of slumber. CBD, on the other hand, has relaxing effects minus the psychoactive high. It provides relief from pain and anxiety, which helps you end up sleeping better. When you pick cannabis for sleep, consider your expectations and choose the CBD to THC ratio accordingly. It is worth noting that Indica strains are better for sleep as they induce rest and relaxation. 

Choose the right method of consumption

Selecting the right product and strain for sleep is only half the work done. You also need to choose the right method of consumption to get the best outcomes. Smoking and vaping are the best options if you want quick results with a few puffs only. You can pick the essential accessories from an online headshop and weed from a dispensary to get started. Concentrates are an option for experienced smokers who want a harder hit. Consider using tinctures and edibles if you wish to ingest cannabis orally, but are willing to wait a bit for effects to set in. While these methods may take some time to act, the results are sustainable, and you can expect them to stay longer. 

Tailor your dosage carefully

The final piece of advice to get the best outcomes with cannabis for insomnia is tailoring your dosage carefully. It is best to start low and slow and gradually increase the dose till you hit the sweet spot. You can maintain a sleep journal to keep track of the outcomes with different levels of cannabis consumption. While you will surely find an ideal dose with some trial and error, it is vital to understand that cannabis is biphasic. Moreover, effects may vary from user to user. So you have to listen to your body and tailor the doses accordingly. It is equally crucial to know the best time for consuming cannabis for insomnia. You will want it to be early enough to get you in a restful state but not too early because you may end up waking in the middle of the night 

Cannabis can do wonders for those struggling to get optimal sleep, but you must use the right products at the right time and in the right quantities. Once you get them right, restful sleep will never evade you.