7 Reasons Sex is Better With Weed

Posted 6 years ago by Ian Shutts

There are a lot of reasons why somebody might want to smoke weed – like the fact that everything smells, tastes and feels amazing. It’s really no different when it comes to sex. Okay, there is definitely that anomale that can’t handle smoking a joint before getting into bed with a woman. But for the most part, stoners agree that marijuana is a very welcomed third party to the bedroom.

There might be more to this than just heresay. Some scientific riff-raff actually confirms why sex and libido might be heightened under the effects of cannabis. In fact, cannabis has aphrodisiac potential just as much as chocolate and oysters. In case you didn’t know, here are seven reasons that should convince you why sex is much better with weed!

1. Ah, it’s pure bliss.

Let’s talk endocannabinoids. In moments of extreme pleasure, bliss or euphoria, the brain is releasing a naturally produced cannabinoid called anandamide. This endocannabinoid has been appropriately coined “the bliss molecule”. Basically, when this endocannabiniod is firing, there’s all kinds of dopamine, serotonin effects taking place.

The famous phytocannabinoid (cannabinoids coming from plant material), THC, looks and behaves a lot like anandamide. So when you get blazing, you’re in fact mimicking the brain’s natural bliss mechanism. You are kicking into gear the complicated network of dopamine signalling pathways that lead all the way to pure heaven.

So what happens when you mix the bliss-like molecule with the blissful act of sex? It’s kind of like a bliss sandwich. It feels downright amazing.

2. Heightened sensitivity to physical touch

Getting into bed is all about getting physical, and smoking weed can definitely add another layer to physical touch. It is common for there to be heightened sensitivity to sound and taste after smoking weed – exactly why music sounds more involved and well, this explains the munchies. It’s also no different with physical touch. Ever been stoned and jumped in a pool or had a hot shower? It’s different, right? Everything seems to be much more sensual.

Well, we know from rat research (with brains much smaller than humans) that there is probably a connection between the CB1 receptor and the olfactory bulb. This bulb has nothing to do with lights. Actually, it’s the place that’s responsible for sensory perception – ding! It is a vague explanation why ingesting cannabis might all of a sudden make everything very tingly and very sensitive.

As you can imagine, having heightened physical sensitivity at the moment of sexual contact can increase the intensity of the moment. Every touch starts to feel like an orgasm, and this makes the sexual experience that much better.

3. Relaxation

Relaxation is probably the most important element in the bedroom. Nothing is a bigger turn off than anxiety or being under a lot of pressure and stress. No one is really likely to have a libido when they are stressed out. This is where that mistress, Mary-Jane, enters the picture to spice things up a bit. Only she doesn’t do it by spicing anything – she does it by making everybody chill out.

It’s true that dopamine makes you feel good, but it also helps you to relax by enabling you to focus your attention. These are all pluses when it comes to having a really positive sexual experience.

Dosage is where things become a little bit more complicated. Smoke too much and you might be a little bit too relaxed, or even sleepy. You’d be surprised how little weed you need to smoke to activate that bliss pathway we talked about earlier, get everything relaxed and ready and enjoy a perfect night with your lover.

4. For boys – weed might be able to help you get it up
effects of sex and weed

It’s ok boys – we can talk about it! Not everybody can get it up that easily and everybody has their own way of dealing with it. But did you know that smoking a joint is a potential way to overcome this hurdle? Okay, the research is a little bit vague and it might have been conducted on rats (with willies much smaller than yours) – but it’s worth a try, right?

Actually, this research is specifically about erectile dysfunction caused by high cholesterol. Cannabinoids might actually have the power to encourage blood flow – which is what is lacking to the genital region when a man has a high cholesterol count.

It might not be time to throw away the viagra – but the doctor probably isn’t going to go ahead recommending this as a treatment. Smoke a joint! It might help you get it up, which is of course, going to make sex much, much better.

5. For girls – weed can make you wetter

There are definitely some females out there who believe that cottonmouth is not just a phenomenon of the mouth, but of vaginas too. And it could be a real thing, but there’s potential for the other side as well. For the same reason that weed is a great medicine for glaucoma, it could be a way to get your private bits more lubricated.

The components of marijuana dilate blood vessels, opening them up and allowing more space for blood flow. When the blood vessels relax and open up in the vagina, all the wetness of arousal occurs. Smoking weed might actually induce all of that magical sexual activity – whether it’s because it arouses or because it just does the blood vessel thing. In any case, your vagina could be better lubricated and more relaxed after smoking weed.

6. The testosterone debate

Ah, there’s so much research on the internet about marijuana’s effects on testosterone. And it’s a very heated debate. Some scientific research says that cannabis use decreases testosterone levels – some say that it increases testosterone levels! There’s no real general consensus, but there is some evidence to state our case here.

For those who don’t know, testosterone is important for getting it on! Whether you are a man or woman, testosterone is the sex hormone – the one that gets everybody going. Too much of it can turn you into a raging bull, but just the right amount can be perfect for a romantic evening. While most of the research suggests that chronic use can decrease testosterone levels over time (although not by any significant amount), some early research found that directly after using, there is a spike in testosterone, albeit it a short lived one.

But never fear! That spike is just long enough to be super excited by the idea of spending at least eleven minutes with your partner.

7. Weed is an aphrodisiac
what are the effetcs of sex and weed

Let’s be honest – we don’t really need any scientific research to prove that weed is an aphrodisiac. Everything just seems more sexual after smoking the herb. Just ask some of your friends. Or better yet, dose up your lover with a joint before getting into bed and just see what happens.

For as much as experiential wisdom counts – yes, there are people who are trying to prove that weed is in fact an aphrodisiac. Erich Goode, a socioligist, seems to have a particular interest in what gets human juices flowing. He collected statistics saying that 70% of those who used marijuana reported “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction”. Apparently, that statistic is enough for weed to fall into the category of being an aphrodisiac.

This result is supported by a study in the 80s that was published in the Journal of Sex Research. Half of the subjects reported that after lighting up, their sexual interest for a person that they knew increased. No one night stands here.
It’s not that far out for regular marijuana users to testify to how good it is to get a little bit high before sex. But the general consensus seems to be that a little bit goes a very long way. There’s no need to get completely baked. That could end up in couchlock rather than body-lock. Don’t be afraid to hit the joint a couple of times before having sex. It could be that much better!