Suffering From Nausea? 4 Strains to Help With Uneasiness


Nausea can be difficult to deal with, especially if it happens regularly. There are quite a lot of people who have to deal with daily uneasiness and vertigo. Severe pain can make you quite sick and nauseous most of the time, so many people dealing with chronic pain also have to deal with these symptoms. Moreover, people going through chemotherapy have to deal with this regularly. 

There are a ton of patients who are not able to get rid of their symptoms with traditional pharmaceutical medicines. This is why marijuana is prescribed to patients not only for their pain, but also for their nausea. Here are some of the top strains that can help you when you feel uneasy.  


Sleeskunk strain 

This unique Sativa dominant strain packs quite the punch. This strain is bred by the DNA Genetics, by crossing Skunk#1 with SleeStack strain. What it results in is this amazing hybrid that is resinous and has the potential to produce uplifting and euphoric effects. This produces strong cerebral effects and is mostly considered the best for daytime use. It boasts citrus and skunky flavors, which are quite enticing. There is a whopping 17% of THC and it’s most dominant terpenes are Myrcene and Terpinolene. It is also quite good for pain management, along with helping with nausea. 


Pink bubba strain 

This is the descendant of probably two of the most popular strains from the Kush breed- Babba Kush and Pink Kush. This Indica dominant hybrid produces strong euphoric effects. This is quite a good pick if you want to relax and let loose after a long and hard day at work. 

 It has a full-bodied fragrance, boasting a hint of floral notes along with a strong, earthy fragrance. Users of pink bubba strain love the psychoactive punch it packs, with a THC content as high as 25%. This strain comes into effect immediately after smoking and has powerful body-focused effects that can make you couch-locked. This is a strong and natural painkiller, and is great for dealing with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and nausea.  


White knight strain 

Not everyday you come across a strain that can call itself “Chong certified”. This hybrid strain comes from Encanto Green Cross in Arizona. This boasts fragrant notes of earthy pine and is known to strike quite a balance between utter and complete physical relaxation and buzzing euphoria. Many of its users report feeling happy, relaxed, uplifted and hungry after consuming this strain. It is very good for helping in dealing with anxiety and stress along with mild symptoms of nausea.  


Holy roller strain 

This strain is a cross between the Big Sur Holy Weed with Do-Si-Dos. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid bred by the Archive Seed Bank. These dense buds are filled with trichomes and leave users feeling content, energetic and focused after consuming this strain. It is perfect for when you have some work that you need to do during the day. 

There are many medicines available in the market for nausea, but none of them can compete with the natural healing abilities of marijuana. Try any of these strains to help you curb your uneasiness. 

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