19% to 0.119% to 0.1

The flower soothes and relaxes with a high THC content. This Indica variety tastes like vanilla, and has the aroma of oak wood. For many Yoda OG is considered the best flower to fall off to sleep with.
The THC content can rise up to 22% meaning consumers should be aware that consumption might lead to immediate sofa or bed action with very little movement and full body sedation. The taste is distinctly citrusy and very delicious.
The plant reaches an average height and is considered an easy flower to grow.

  • This flower is likely to make you feel happy.
Scent Woody, earthy, vanilla like
  • Lemon, oak-smoked
Suggested Medical Uses
  • Migraines, insomnia, anorexia, anxiety
Flowering Time Between sixty and seventy days
Yield variable