16% to 6%16% to 6%

Pink Berry, Oh the deliciousness and euphoria of this flower is hard to beat. This is not a common strain, and it is exceptional.
The taste is exquisite, and it is relaxing while stimulating.
The name comes from the rosy colourful buds that are produced. The smell is like fruits of the forest and fresh and floral.

This is a bud that is likely to please most cannabis consumers, from the more experienced to the beginners, as it is relaxed, averaging 15% THC and a CBD content of 5%.

The plants are usually short to medium height.

It is pink and also known as the love bud, as reports have been made of it having aphrodisiacal and arousing qualities, perfect for romance.

Scent Fruity, light, fresh, blackberry
  • Buttery, floral, herbal
Suggested Medical Uses
  • Anxiety, headaches, encouraging sleep, arthritis
Flowering Time Between forty to fifty days.
Yield 400 g per metre squared