16% to 0.2%16% to 0.2%

Malawi Gold is said to be one of the rarest ever cannabis strains in the world.

You can expect these plants to grow tall.

The THC is not particularly high, more moderate at around 16%, yet the high is magical – enhancing clarity, and stimulating. It is quick to come on, and gives a real buzz.

The buzz is euphoric and energetic, uplifting the spirits.

This is known to be an easy flower to grow, even for the novice.

It is a good bud to smoke in the morning, but only for the more experienced cannabis user.

Scent Lemony and woody
  • Earthy and fruity
Suggested Medical Uses
  • Fatigue, depression, stress
Flowering Time One hundred to one hundred and twenty days
Yield High, around 700 g per metre squared