This strain, Pennywise is similar to the Californian Poppy, has a mild and relaxing effect. The relaxation is accompanied by a feeling of alertness, so it is a flower people enjoy consuming during the day, as one can still do what needs to be done.
The aroma of Pennywise is warm, yet sweet at the same time. The strain induces feelings of happiness, and uplifts the spirits.
With its delightfully peppery taste, uplifting effects and sweet aroma, most people find this strain relatively easy to grow. The plant does not reach great heights in terms of size, in fact usually produces quite a short to medium-sized plant, however this is more than made up for by the wonderfully soothing properties of the flowers it yields.

  • Relaxation and Focus
Scent Sweet and Woody
  • Warm and Earthy
Suggested Medical Uses
  • Relief of nausea, assisting sleep, soothing inflammation, pain relief, uplifting spirits from feelings of depression, relaxation from stress. Because of the balance usually obtained between the CBD/THC ratios of this strain, many medical marijuana patients enjoy this variety because of the combination of soothing properties and the feelings of alertness accompanying them.
Flowering Time Between 60 and 70 days
Yield Average