THC/CBD is often at a ratio of 22% to 1% THC/CBD is often at a ratio of 22% to 1%

Jedi Kush, is a powerful plant of the Indica variety. One of the reasons this strain is so powerful, is because of it’s high THC component, usually over 20% THC, and sometimes up to 25%. Due to this, it is recommended for those who have had plenty of experience consuming cannabis, and can handle its potency. It often stimulates appetite so be sure to be stocked up on munchies. The plants can usually grow up just over six feet tall. Jedi Kush is not a difficult strain to grow yet neither is it relatively easy. Jedi Kush is a strain that often inspires creativity and the giggles. Relaxation is one of the main features. This bud is best consumed in the evening, or when one does not have too much to do and can enjoy the day relaxing.

  • Giggles, Relaxation, Creativity
Scent Citrusy and sweet, yet warm
  • Lemony, warm and earthy
Suggested Medical Uses
  • Lack of appetite, Stress, Sadness, stomach troubles, soothes inflammation
Flowering Time Between 60 and 70 days
Yield Per metre squared – Average 350g