18% to under 0.1%18% to under 0.1%

Gods Gift is a strain perfect for relaxation, and one is likely to feel blessed after a few puffs. This strain has been around for a few decades now and is re-known for it’s wonderful pain relieving effects.
It induces feelings of happiness, and with an average THC content of 20% you can expect relaxation.
It is one of the most favoured strains for those with serious medical conditions due to it’s relaxing and soothing properties.
The plant roughly grows to around four feet and is usually considered an easy strain to grow even for first time growers.

Scent Sweet and woody
  • Fruity and citrusy, fruits of the forest
Suggested Medical Uses
  • Stress, arthritis, muscle cramps, pain relief, anorexia, soothes inflammation, relieves nausea
Flowering Time Sixty to seventy days
Yield - Average