Sativa plants generally grow much taller than the Indica varieties.  Usually these plants grow around fifteen feet tall, and can be known to tower over twenty feet.

These plants often display loose branches and narrow leaves.  They look long, thin and wispy in comparison to the Indica strains.

Cannabis connoisseurs often think of Sativa plants as daytime plants.  This is because they are energizing and stimulating and as such are often enjoyed during the day when one needs to remain active.  The Sativa variety is a far more cerebral strain, stimulating thought, enhancing creativity and imagination, and with a boost of energy to match.  The properties are likened to the sun, life giving, and energizing.

On the psychoactive side, this variety of plants is also best for daytime use, as the proportion of CBD to THC ratio is higher in CBD content over THC and thus generally less psychedelic and calmer, promoting clarity and vision.