What Are Marijuana Concentrates and How Strong Are They?

Posted 2 years ago by Ian Shutts

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re familiar with the substances cannabis or marijuana and their commonly known names. If you’re not, we’d be happy to walk you through the concept of marijuana potency and concentrates. 

In the last few years, the cannabis market has grown exponentially in popularity, thanks to multiple research and studies backing its health benefits. Marijuana today is sought out for those wanting to enhance their quality of life both medically and recreationally. 

This upsurge in demand has led to the expansion and development of new concentrates that improve the strength of the THC and CBD compounds. If you’re interested in exploring these concentrates, let us walk you through the most popular kinds in this blog.


This concentrate of cannabis is known for its glass-shattering texture. True to its name, it also shatters into tiny fragments upon application of pressure. Bmwo shatter is an amber or gold clear, thin, and sheet-like extract that can give consumers the desired high, thanks to the pure concentrate of THC and CBD in it. Shatter is made by cooling Butane Hash Oil, a solvent-based cannabis extract. Once the extractors prepare the concentrates, they usually mix the leftover oil to derive more viscosity in texture. However, while making shatter, the concentrate needs to be left undisturbed to crystallize and form the glass-like texture.


Wax also takes after its name and is a concentrate that has a gooey, candle wax-like consistency. You’ll find genuine cannabis wax to typically be yellowish-brown in color. The potent THC concentrate has a thick and soft texture that has a high THC level not meant for beginners. Within the same group as shatter, wax is created using BHO. However, what separates the two is wax requires a lower temperature to formulate. 


Budder as a weed concentrate is amber or yellowish in color. Texture-wise, the marijuana extract has an uncanny resemblance to butter. This is a concentrate that is colorful, flavored, and aromatic, separating it from the rest. The smooth texture is a delight to consume and a simple store. If you’ve heard about people wanting to make weed-infused butter, a little budder does the job.


This is one of the most popular forms of concentrates, and also called THC crystals or diamonds. It is developed by refining cannabis oil thoroughly till it resembles the texture of coarse sugar granules. THC or CBD in crystalline is extracted from several cannabinoids to create pure isolate crystals that have no flavor, aroma, or color. With a potency as high as 99.9%, it is yet again best left for the experts.


Rosin is a fan favorite due to its purity and the lack of any solvent residues post-consumption. This concentrate maintains more of the flavonoids and terpenes and makes an excellent choice for those desiring flavorful and pure cannabinoids. It’s easy to confuse rosin with resin and live resin, which are all different! 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about the cannabis industry’s top concentrates, which one would you like to explore more? Concentrates require a level of expertise when it comes to usage and doses, which is why we urge you to practice your discernment or consult with a seasoned stoner prior to use.