Want to Go on a Cannabis Tour? Here’s What to Expect

Posted 6 years ago by Ian Shutts

There’s no denying that the cannabis industry will continue to grow. Society’s views on cannabis are changing, and more states are legalizing its use both for medical and recreational purposes. Ancillary businesses in the cannabis industry are also rising to cater to the demands of their new market. One ancillary business, in particular, is blooming within the cannabis industry – cannabis tourism.

cannabis tour

Cannabis tours cater to all types of cannabis enthusiasts. From newbies wanting to learn more about cannabis to connoisseurs looking to expand their knowledge, there will always be something that can fill their expectations. These cannabis tours offer personalized half-day tours to all-inclusive tours perfect for small to large groups.

Similar to beer and wine tours, cannabis tours take you to top places where you learn more about the cannabis industry.

Thinking of going on a cannabis tour? Here’s what you can expect from a regular to a posh cannabis tour.

What can you expect in a cannabis tour?

A regular, half-day tour typically starts at the meeting place where guests are organized before boarding the bus. Depending on the tour operator, some buses are posh party buses complete with luxurious leather seats, lavish paneling, and built-in bars with coolers.

The tour takes you to head shops specializing in cannabis paraphernalia. These shops offer joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, grinders, vape pens, among others. The tour also takes you to the dispensaries. Cannabis buds of different strains – Sativa, Indica, Hybrids – are on display. You’re also given options in cannabis edibles perfect for both newbies and experts. Now’s the perfect time to buy some items as these shops typically offer discounts to tourists.

cannabis paraphernalia

After the head shops and dispensaries, the tour takes you to a nice restaurant to enjoy a scrumptious cannabis-themed meal. This makes a perfect stop to satisfy the munchies. After all, while on the bus, you’re already given the luxury to sample some cannabis products while enjoying  talks about cannabis, its history, and the growing industry.

A visit to the growers caps the tour. Someone from the company gives you a tour around the farm where you’ll learn tips on growing and cultivating cannabis. Technological advancements in cannabis production are also discussed.

cannabis grower

After the visit to the growers, the tour takes you back to the hotel.

All-inclusive tours, on the other hand, include a stay in a cannabis-friendly hotel. Some packages include cannabis cooking class, joint rolling class, and cannabis-infused massage. Some even include a visit to breweries that offer craft brews, including cannabis beer.

Cannabis tours vary though. The activities you do and places you visit depend on your tour operator. So be sure to ask them about their tour packages and inclusions.

Where can you get cannabis tours?

States that offer cannabis tours are Colorado, Washington, and California. You can also find cannabis tours in Oregon as well as Massachusetts and Nevada.

Cannabis tours in Denver, Colorado offer one of the best experiences. They pioneered cannabis tours in the country. These take you around the city’s top cannabis establishments where you learn more about the state’s cannabis culture. You also get to enjoy cannabis while visiting these areas in their cannabis-friendly bus.

Oregon’s cannabis tours take you to their top dispensaries, head shops, and breweries. In addition to knowing more about their cannabis culture, their tours also take you to some of their top iconic landmarks.

Some cannabis tour operators in California offer free one-hour tours. These tours may be shorter, but it already gives you a good in-depth look at the state’s cannabis culture. You’ll also learn some of the stories of famous cannabis activists who fought for cannabis legalization. These free tours will only whet your appetite for more though, so be sure to check out their half-day tours.

Of note, for you to enjoy these tours, you must be of legal age to consume cannabis. Cannabis tour operators also require you to bring valid IDs. So make sure that yours are valid and up to date.

Who else can enjoy these cannabis tours?

These cannabis tours aren’t just for cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs though. They’re also open to newbies who want to educate themselves more about the herb. Cannabis skeptics are also welcome to join.

In fact, some cannabis states offer wellness tours where cannabis skeptics learn about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. These tours teach you about the endocannabinoid system and how the cannabinoids from the plant interact with this important biological system.

Society’s view on cannabis is changing quickly. These cannabis tours are just one of the ways to educate people about this important beneficial plant.