Top 10 Kush Strains

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

Most cannabis enthusiasts are probably familiar with Kush and its lineage. For those who don’t know, Kush is arguably the most famous DNA line when it comes to strains in the USA. Most indica-dominant strains carry the DNA of Kush as Kush itself is pure indica.

Kush originates from the Kush mountain range of Pakistan and Afghanistan, hailing to be one of the first strains of weed on the planet. It is known for its intensely strong body high and its extremely identifiable smell and taste. It usually has a woody, earthy smell, but sometimes is the contributor to that smell of diesel we are so fond of. If you’ve been smoking weed for a while, then there’s no doubt that you’ve smoked a Kush strain before. Breeders love Kush, and strains of this lineage make it to dispensaries all over the USA.

You would be surprised how many of the strains you love are the children of at least one of these Kush varieties. Kush basically forms the backbone of marijuana genetics in the USA, and rightly so. Americans love the taste and smell of real Kush!

Hindu Kush

This is probably one of the most famous of all the Kush strains, carrying that deliciously heavy woody smell. Hindu Kush is pure indica, giving the body a relaxing and euphoric high. Its buds are dense and dark and covered in trichomes.

Vanilla Kush

This Kush is unique among the many Kush strains you can get your hands on. From the moment you put it in the grinder you’ll be impressed by the sweet, nutty vanilla scent. Not to mention the taste when you are smoking it. This strain contains higher levels of CBD than most Kush varieties, inducing perfectly relaxing body sensations.

Sour Kush

Ahh, this strain is the product of two of America’s favourite strains: Sour Diesel and OG Kush. What we get left with is a deliciously diesel-like smell but a very citrusy taste. This strain has less of the sedative effects that Kush is known for, but at the same time is extremely effective at treating pain. A true hybrid, this one is good for afternoon use.

OG Kush

OG Kush was one of the first strains to mark the transformation that happened when Afghani cannabis seeds reached the West Coast of the USA. OG Kush is the proud parent of many other Kush strains to come and plays a huge role in the genetic breeding project that goes on within the USA. Dense and strong nuggets make this one a favorite among stoners.


Unlike many Kush varieties, this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Its parents are OG Kush and S.A.G.E, combining the most delicious properties of both strains. Although it tastes a lot like S.A.G.E, it has the super buzz of OG Kush. Kushage is, according to High Times, “the best of both worlds”, bringing the Dutch and American cannabis projects together. This strain was created by THSeeds almost by accident, and it has been famous ever since.

Burmese Kush

This strain is basically frosty with trichomes, making it tasty, pungent and packing a punch. It is normal to find loads of Burmese Kush (otherwise known as Buku) in coffee shops in Holland, and it is a favorite among the Dutch. It has an incredibly euphoric high and breeders love it too because it has a short flowering time.
Bubba Kush

Another accidental strain, this one hails from OG Kush having pollinated with an unidentified other Indica. Perhaps it was Northern Lights, but that is still just a speculation. It is a powerful strain, basically tranquilizing the user into a sweet, deep sleep. Bubba Kush almost tastes like coffee or chocolate sometimes, perfect as a night time smoke.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush won the High Times Cannabis cup in 2010 and 2011 for being the best indica strain. It is popular for being able to produce enormous levels of THC, some samples testing over 29 percent. Yes! This strain is strong and probably not recommended for beginners. It is often used by medical patients for its potential for strong pain relief, with short following shortly after.

Quantum Kush

This strain was designed specifically for THC potency. It is sativa-dominant, meaning it doesn’t have the super drowsy effect that most Kush strains can have on a person. While most sativa strains can average around 12 percent THC, this strain usually measures in more than 27 percent THC. It is a great strain for decreasing appetite, dealing with nausea and possibly even at treating depression.

Platinum Kush

Platinum Kush is a great all rounder strain. It contains relatively balanced levels of THC and CBD, meaning the effects are a little more gentle than other Kush varieties. The buzz can be mainly cerebral, but doesn’t last a very long time. Overall, it’s a mellow buzz that Americans love, especially those who are medical marijuana patients. It can be used to treat pain and some patients are even using it to treat epilepsy.