Synthetic Urine – How To Beat a Urine Test

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

Unfortunately, cannabis users are still facing one of the harshest social stigmas. To be considered for a promotion, to apply for a job or even to get a food stamp can be enough reason to take a urine sample. Being a marijuana user doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the promotion – or the food stamp for that matter. So what do you do?

Another hurdle on the way to beating a urine test is that marijuana sticks around in the human body longer than any other recreational or medical substance. It can be there for weeks. If you know in advance, you always have the option to abstain. But for those whom marijuana is a medical necessity (or just their favorite thing to do), then this might not be an option at all.

Synthetic Urine Belt
Image Source: Synthetic Urine World

Ah, thanks to modern technology and people who understand the predicament, there is such a thing as synthetic urine. It means that if you need to produce a clean urine sample and quickly, you can have a batch of clean urine lying around. It can be one of the easiest and simplest ways to beat a urine test without having to make any major changes in your life. Until the day that social stigma falls away from marijuana use, this is a potential corner cutter for the modern weed lover.

The setbacks of synthetic urine

As clever as we are at finding technology to dodge drug testing, drug testers are always catching up with us. Without a doubt, there are setbacks to using synthetic urine that could even get you caught cheating. Some synthetic urine products lack the some of the indicators that the urine is in fact, real. This can even be true of urine that has been stored, because it will start to degrade and lose things such as urea and uric acid.

If you get caught cheating on a drug test, you could be in worse trouble than having failed altogether. To avoid this, you want to know a little about the synthetic urine products that are available on the market. If you go jumping into any product, you could end up with a gimmick, having wasted a bunch of money and losing the job you’ve been dreaming of for years. In any case, fake pee does not guarantee you are going to pass a drug test! The only way to guarantee that is to be drug free in the first place. There is always going to be a risk associated with cheating, but fortune favors the brave!

There are a number of synthetic urine products on the market these days, but here are some that have been recommended by stoners around the world.


This is one of the more popular synthetic urine products on the market, and was recommended by the Herb. It comes with a heating belt that you can attach to yourself beneath your clothes. It can take up to one hour to heat the urine to the necessary human temperature, meaning you should know at least within a couple of hours that you’re going to be tested. If you don’t heat it up, it will fail the test because it will be invalid. However, it contains all of the necessary things that make it seem like human pee. It doesn’t, on the other hand, really have the smell of pee. That’s something to consider.

Purine Powdered Urine from Testclear

This one comes in a powder form, and when mixed it exhibits all of the necessary properties of human urine. It also smells like urine, which means that it kind of gets a plus one over the QuickFix solution. It comes with a method for heating it and instructions on how to get it up to standard, however it also can take up to 45 minutes to heat. For this, you always need to know at least an hour in advance.

Sub-Solution Powdered Urine Kit

This solution is the most expensive, but probably the most efficient. It is also in a powdered form, but its heating method is also a powder. That means it can be heated instantly. If you have an impromptu drug test to take and your pee is definitely not THC free, then this one is the safest one to have at hand. You can produce hot, very human pee in an instant. It also smells wonderfully like human urine, making it very convincing and foolproof!