Smoking 101-How Long Should You Hold In Your Hit?

Posted 2 years ago by Ian Shutts

Have you ever heard that holding your smoke makes you get high? Well, according to your cannabis friends it does affect the potency, and it makes sense to you completely. The longer smoke hangs into your lungs, the greater is the smoke absorption. And, the greater you hold it, the higher you’ll feel. 

However, that’s not true. 

It is a weed myth that novice smokers have spread, busting which holds importance. After all, you need to know all that affects your high when you take a hit. 


Why Does Holding Your Hit Make You Feel High?

It is wise to know that holding a lungful of smoke tends to increase potency. However, that has nothing to do with the amount of THC that’s getting absorbed into your lungs. 

Studies show that holding your breath reduces oxygen levels, which make you feel light-headed. When you add THC into the mix, the chances are excellent for you to feel a little headrush. However, you won’t experience a lasting or a better high. 

Research shows that the amount of time spent on a hit isn’t the only factor that determines the intensity and quality of your experience. Instead, it is the bioavailability of the product you’re consuming. 


What Is Bioavailability?

When deciding upon the duration for which you must hold your hit, know that the product and the consumption method hold importance. 

When asked about how long you should hold your marijuana hit from the experts at the dispensary, they said that it differs based on what and how you’re consuming the product. And, THC’s bioavailability varies from one product to another. 


That’s the reason why smoking a joint has a greater bioavailability than edibles, which in turn yields quick effects. 

Bioavailability is how easily and quickly the body’s tissues and organs absorb molecular compounds. When you take a hit, ingest an edible, or slap a patch, the bioavailability of each method affects the amount of product that transfers into your bloodstream. 

Know that at 75%, concentrates have a much higher bioavailability than smoked flower. Edibles, on the other hand, have around 4-20% bioavailable THC.


Since the molecules break down into smaller and more effective THC forms, namely 11- hydroxy-THC. This is the reason why edibles can be the most potent form of THC. Know that smoking cannabis flower has 30% bioavailability.

Thus, when it comes to cannabis, the higher the bioavailability of the product, the less amount of cannabis you’ll have to consume to attain maximum results. 


Is It Wise to Hold your Hit at All?

Cannabis enthusiasts exclaim that holding a hit doesn’t increase bioavailability. This saying comes on the same lines that holding your breath for extended periods doesn’t supply more oxygen. Instead, you should avoid doing that as it leads to the absorption of unwanted chemicals. 

Thereby, when you’re pulling from a vape pen or are holding a dab rip, make sure to let the vapor or puff go. For maximum efficiency, consider a consumption method. After all, it determines how long you will be able to hold your hit- know that a few seconds are more than enough. 


How to Improve Your Smoking Experience? 

Inhaling deeper very much does the trick for you.

While holding your marijuana hit for a long time doesn’t improve your smoking experience, know that inhaling deeper makes all the difference. There is a maximum of how long you can hold THC and other cannabinoids that pass along the bloodstream. 

However, when you breathe deeply, you expose a greater surface area of the lung tissue to the weed you smoke. 

Thereby, when talking about the duration for which you hold your hit, there isn’t any scientific study that points to the same. As per most pot smokers (the experienced ones), three seconds seem to suffice your needs and act as a sweet spot. 

Know that this further determines the amount of THC absorbed into the bloodstream. And the unhealthy substances stick around. 


That’s a Wrap

If getting a lungful of cannabis is on your mind, it is always wise to select a method that has a high bioavailability. Dabbing can be a lucrative option. 

After taking a hit, it is wise to take a deep breath to maximize the lung space. After that, make sure to exhale the same after a couple of seconds. Or, you can find another method that works for your needs. Experimentation is the key here. 

However, the goal of smoking weed isn’t about getting as high as possible. Instead, it should be about getting to the best place and unleashing the benefits that come with that. After all, it’s about using the magical plant in the best possible way.