Signs You Are Ready To Try A New Cannabis Product

Posted 2 years ago by Ian Shutts

Cannabis consumers no longer need to worry about the stigma and shady reputation of dispensaries after its legalization across several states. Accessing quality products is easier than ever as you can effortlessly find reputed dispensaries and delivery services in your area. Moreover, you can expect to be spoiled for choice because there are endless products to try. Something new is always around the corner, so you never fall short of options. But even the most experimental consumers may have some qualms about switching between products. Here are some signs you are ready to try a new one. 

You have enough experience

Trying a new product shouldn’t be a matter of concern if you have enough experience as a consumer. You will probably know the basics of strains, cannabinoids and their effects, dosing, and consumption precautions. Seasoned consumers can easily adapt to a change in consumption method because they know their tolerance levels. Use your experience to experiment whenever you see a new product on the dispensary menu. 

You want a change

Switching to a new product is a great decision when you want a change. You cannot expect to feel the same excitement after using the same one for years. The outcomes may not be as good as they should be when your system develops a tolerance for a specific consumption method. You must pay attention to the cue and ditch your vapes and tinctures for edibles and concentrates when you’ve had enough. 

You have a trusted dispensary nearby

Getting into a hit-and-trial mode is easy if you have a trusted dispensary nearby. You can drop in to explore the latest offerings on their range and pick the ones you want. Check if you live in Maine or California. You can find options like flowers, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates on their menu. Shop in small quantities, experiment, and find the ones that are right for you. 

You wish to follow the trend

Another sign indicating you are ready for a change is that you wish to follow the trend. The cannabis industry is driven by trends, and consumers always look forward to something new. For example, infused edibles and tinctures are a deliciously tempting switch for people who appreciate good taste. You can try the topical trend if you want the best skincare or a consumption method that does not take the oral route. 

You expect to go higher (or slower)

A new product and consumption method is the best way to go higher with your experiences. Try a pure concentrate for its high potency that promises more with less. Even a pea-sized drop can yield an incredible high. Edibles are a good option if you expect a slow and sustainable relief from your medical condition, such as pain or anxiety. These products carry the cannabinoids into your bloodstream through digestion, so they work slowly but stay in your system for hours.

Follow these signs, and switch to an alternative cannabis product sooner than later. You can even try a new one without a reason because you deserve the best!