Shatter Vs Wax: Which Cannabis Extract Is Better and Why?

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

The segment of cannabis extracts is the fastest-growing sector of the cannabis market. Consumers are now well familiar with these extracts’ versatility and health benefits in comparison to consuming cannabis the traditional way. 

Since the active ingredients are unchanged, the effects are identical. Still, extracts come with a unique set of benefits for new and seasoned consumers.

In this article, we will take a look at two of the biggest names in the industry of cannabis extracts, namely, shatter and Wax – but first, let’s begin learning more about cannabis extracts and how they come into existence. 


Cannabis Extracts Explained

When someone talks about cannabis extracts, get ready to delve into a broad category of products that includes the extract of the cannabis plant, such as marijuana and hemp. These extracts are composed of many cannabinoids that most consumers know about, CBD and THC. However, many don’t know that marijuana extracts contain high levels of THC, and hemp extracts include high levels of CBD.

These extracts are devised by passing a solution through subtly ground cannabis materials, including leaves, flowers, and even stems. When formulated with fresh flowers, these extracts are also called live resin.

Additionally, common solvents include butane and hexane. These solvents function by extracting CBD and THC away from the flower while concentrating it. This is a highly complex process, so no need to give it much thought. 

Marijuana extracts can also come into existence by hot pressing dry and fresh marijuana buds, which squeezes out all the flower oil, and this form of the extract is called rosin. 

This brings us to the next section of the post. Let’s begin with explaining the intricacies of:



Shatter is probably the most famous and most distinguished form of cannabis concentrates. This is due to its clean and pure flavor and its golden amber sheen, which gives customers the best results after consumption.

Contrary to its less solidified friends, which are not distributed adequately while thickening, the oil is sufficiently stirred and mixed as it cools down. As a result, you get a solid cannabis concentrate that looks completely different, almost translucent and glassy. Additionally, with shatter, you get to make low price buds that are highly efficient for beginners and seasoned cannabis consumers. Moreover, due to its high demand, this is a readily available concentrate in the market. 



Many dab consumers might not know this, but dabs are a construct of butane hash oil (BHO), a solvent which is used to isolate the THC from the cannabis flower. When making it you then pour it over the cannabis buds. The next step is to place soaked buds into an oven to separate them from the butane.

The following temperatures, pressure levels, and handling will decide whether the oil is set in the form of Wax or a more hardened shatter. Oils with more moisture that look like gooey waxes are often called “budder,” while the more complex, dryer types form a more fragile and glass-like substance. You can use the phrase “wax” to describe all the softer and solid texture concentrates. However, be aware that wax concentrates are mainly used with dabs which could be difficult for a beginner consumer. 


In Conclusion

The types of marijuana products available in the market are endless. However, when we talk about marijuana concentration, only a few names come to mind, one of which is Shatter. Shatter is famous due to its unique form and acceptable results after consumption. So, if you are someone looking to maximize your marijuana experience, Shatter concentrates are something you must try.