Questions to Ask Before Buying Weed in Canada

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

There has been an increase in the sale of weed to exponential levels. Many states across Canada continue weed consumption day in and day out, and buying weed in Canada has never been easier.

Yet, as the demand and sale of weed rise, many cannabis Sativa buyers suffer from stigmas. And that’s the entire essence of why people opt to buy the product from anonymous online sources. However, before purchasing weed, you must ensure that you are buying the right kind of products. 

But, where should you start the process? And, how do you know if you’re buying a suitable weed product or not? Well, here are some questions that must be on your list before purchasing weed from dealers. Let’s get going: 

What is the manner of cannabis extraction? 

Most cannabis makers use solvents to extract the same from the plant. Usually, the makers soak the entire plant in chemicals like ethanol and butane. Afterward, they remove the solvent. Cannabis thereby leaves behind some residue like CO2 extraction.  

Know that the extraction is cleaner, safer, and non-toxic. Thus, all you get is pure oil, the experts exclaim.  

What quality is the weed?

Whenever you’re buying weed, it becomes essential to take a keen look at the weed quality. Before purchasing marijuana from an online dealer, find out if it is of good quality. Dealer license, insurance, and trustworthiness are some factors that help you make a wise decision.  

You can also take recommendations from your friends. Their advice may assist you in deciding if the Canadian weed dealer you find sells quality weed or not.  

What about the Cannabis Textures? 

Terms like shatter, budder, crumble, and sauce often lead to great confusion. These terms generally describe cannabis texture and appearance. Even though these adjectives are intuitive, things are sure to lead to confusion. Thus, identifying these hold utmost importance. Pro cannabis users say that the shatter canada is popular because of its brittle and glass-like texture. These have a golden yellow to bright amber color.  

Budders are oily and soft in texture. These cannabis concentrates are malleable and easy to handle, which have sun yellow and bright orange coloring. The brittle versions of budder are popular under the name of crumble. Crumbles have a dull and matte finish.  

How should you consume these? 

Cannabis has traditionally most commonly been consumed by smoking. However, as per a source, the healthiest way of consuming medical cannabis is vaping. As the name suggests, this method limits carcinogen exposure in comparison to smoking. Know that vaping is discreet and allows the consumer to regulate the dosage to ideal levels.

Does the online weed dealer hold a license? 

Every business organization across the globe needs a license to operate. This factor holds vitalness to ensure that their business is legal and qualified to offer products and services.  

Online cannabis dealers are no different. These dealers, too, need a license, which local authorities provide them. Thus, before buying weed from an online dealer, ensure that they hold a license. It allows you to know whether the dealers operate legally or not. It would help if you never worked with unlicensed dealers as they sell low-quality weed. More to the point, buying weed in Canada online from an unlicensed dispensary is a crime for which you can be prosecuted. In America, it is not even legal to mail weed if you are a licensed dispensary.

The Verdict

Hopefully, these questions will empower you to make a smart decision. And, why not? After all, it’s about attaining the best pleasure from cannabis consumption. Yes, without sacrificing even a little bit of quality, of course.