Oklahoma Recreational Cannabis Market: Coming Soon?

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

Did you know that Oklahoma entered the cannabis market pretty late? But its hands-off approach created a boom, which has made the state quite famous. The craze took over so much that some people have given it the nickname “Toke-lahoma.” 

Imagine all this when the state only legalized medical marijuana in 2018. Obviously, you might be intrigued as to whether or not the state will open its doors for the recreational use of cannabis. 


Recreational Cannabis in Oklahoma- Is it Due?

If you go by estimates, recreational sales could bring around $200 to $300 million annual revenue. In fact, many are talking about adding a recreational marijuana program as a way to increase revenue and make up budget shortfalls. 

While it is still a long road to the complete legalization of cannabis, the tax numbers are an essential factor when considering if legalizing cannabis is a good idea for the state.  


Why is there still apprehension?

Like it or not, the reason is the robust model in place for accessing medical marijuana in the state. The state’s fledgling model opens up a state of the quasi-recreational market for thousands of people living in the state. 

What we mean by that is, like many states, you don’t need to have any life-threatening conditions to get hold of medical marijuana in Oklahoma. If you can prove to your doctor that you need to use cannabis products to take care of your health or manage your symptoms, the chances are pretty high that you will be referred a medical card. 

So all you need is approval from a medical marijuana doctor. Weed can be easily buy from any of the numerous cannabis dispensaries that have sprung up. For instance, you can opt for dispensary tulsa or go for any other region that’s easily accessible from your place of residence. 


It doesn’t stop here!

Unlike other states, there is no limit on the number of business licenses. Also, cities don’t have any say on restricting dispensaries from operating within their borders. In California, a state thought of as being very cannabis-friendly, this is not the case. 

Let’s discuss a bit about updated marijuana laws, and what is needed to avoid penalties in 2021.  


Updated Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma 2021

Oklahoma’s marijuana laws are evolving every passing day. The following are some of the regulations introduced so far in relation to growing/selling medical marijuana.

  • The state’s OMMA organization implemented a seed-to-sale monitoring system to track marijuana plants and packages.  
  • The state implemented some quality assurance guidelines to set some standards for the packages sold to customers. 

Besides this, there were no changes in the rules of the legality of possession and the usage.  


Wrapping Up

The cannabis market is growing with each passing day. Many states are joining the list by lifting restrictions on the sale of this incredible herb. Clearly, Oklahoma is leading the charts with impressive and cannabis-friendly guidelines.

But the question remains- Will 2021 be the year that Oklahoma approves recreational cannabis?