How To Make Bubble Hash

Posted 6 years ago by Ian Shutts

Bubble hash is another type of hash, but what makes this exceptional is the way it’s made. The whole process will give you a pure, high-quality, superior type of hash; the effects of which are nothing but smooth, pure bliss.

Making your own bubble hash isn’t really that complicated, but the process can be rigorous one though. However, if you want quality hash and you’re after a phenomenal experience, then follow these instructions. So if you want to learn how to make your own bubble hash, read on.  Trust me; all your efforts will pay off in the end.

this is bubble hash

Understanding the Process

Unlike other methods of extracting resin (like using either alcohol or oil mixed with heat), this process makes use of iced water.

Now, you would think that this too won’t work since resin is oil-based and water is, well, water. But here lies the key to extracting the resin glands or trichomes. Cold water makes the trichomes hard and brittle, making it easier for them to break away from the cannabis trimmings.


Using an agitator and progressively finer mesh bags and stirring the cannabis trimmings in the iced water, the resin glands or trichomes will separate from the buds, leaving you with pure, high-quality resin.

Ingredients and Materials That You Need To Make Bubble Hash

The ingredients that you need are:

  • Cannabis strain of your choice, trimmed. You can use trimmed leaves if you want to, but you should know that these won’t yield as much trichomes as trimmed buds do.
  • Ice.
  • Cold, clean drinking water.

Of note, 10 grams of cannabis will usually give you 1 gram of hash, and 100 grams of cannabis will usually give you 10 grams of hash.

The materials that you need are:

  • 6 mesh or screen bags with progressively finer mesh (220, 190, 160, 73, 45, and 25 microns).
  • 2 big plastic buckets, about 5 gallons each.
  • Wooden paddle.
  • Clean cardboard.
  • Spoons.


The steps in making bubble hash are relatively easy to follow:
Place your trimmed cannabis buds in the first bucket and pour in some ice. Once done, add in the cold water. Make sure that the iced water completely covers the trimmed cannabis buds and that they are fully submerged.
With the wooden paddle, stir the mixture thoroughly for about 15 minutes. You need to change the direction of your stirring once in a while, from clockwise to counterclockwise direction to mimic an agitator device.
Prepare your second bucket. Place the bag with smallest mesh (25 microns) inside it, then the 45-micron mesh bag inside the first bag, and then the 73-micron mesh bag inside the second bag, and so on in an ascending order until you reach the 220-micron mesh bag.
Now, slowly and carefully pour the contents from the first bucket into the second bucket with the mesh bags, taking care not to spill any mixture from the sides of the 220-micron mesh bag. You can also pour more cold water into the first bucket to get any remaining plant materials and trichomes clinging to the sides of the bucket and pour the content into the second bucket as well.
Let the mixture in the second bucket sit for about 15 minutes.
Once done, carefully remove the innermost bag (220-micron mesh bag), swirling the mixture around to dislodged the trichomes still clinging to the cannabis trimmings. Squeeze the bottom of the bag to extract its juices. The first bag should contain most of your trimmed cannabis buds.
Do the same process with the rest of the mesh bags. Don’t squeeze them though since these will already contain some of the resin/trichomes. Take the resin and set them aside on a clean cardboard to start their drying process. Of note, don’t mix the resin from bags two to five to the resin from the last bag since the last bag contains the purest resin.
When you reach the final bag (25-micron mesh bag), carefully remove it from the iced water, gently moving the water around to drain it and leave behind the resin/trichomes. Don’t shake the bag vigorously though since it might damage or break the trichome clumps.
Now, scoop up the resin/trichomes from the last bag and place them in a new cardboard. Set the cardboard aside so the resin can dry out. The drying process usually takes about five to seven days before they’re completely dried.

Bubble hash

Now that the resin/trichomes from the last bag are dry, you now have your own pure, high-quality bubble hash.

How to Store and Use Bubble Hash

To store bubble hash, keep it in an airtight Mason jar and place in a cool, dark place. You can also wrap the jar in dark material to prolong shelf life since light can affect its quality. As for using bubble hash, it can be smoked in a bowl, pipe, and joint. You can even vape it.

You can still use the resin/trichomes from bags two to five, but the effects won’t be as pure and smooth as the bubble hash.