How To Clean Your Bong?

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

If you see Mary Jane as a very important guest, then considering the cleanliness of your bong is like considering the cleanliness of your house if you’re inviting over the queen. It’s almost blasphemy in my eyes to be smoking weed out of a dirty bong, especially if you’re a self-proclaimed lover of marijuana. If you’re having friends over, it’s all the better to make sure that your bong is shiny and looking new.

There’s nothing worse than being handed over a really dirty bong when you get to the house of a friend. And there’s really nothing more enjoyable than smoking out of something really clean. So this article is all about how to properly clean your bong. This doesn’t just mean emptying out the water and wiping down the mouth hole. This is about bringing your bong back to the state it was in when you bought it.

How to clean your bong and what you’re going to need
In order to clean your bong well, you’re going to have to get together some cleaning supplies.

  • You’re going to be cleaning your bong with rubbing alcohol, because this is the best way to get all that sticky residue off the inside.
  • Some fabric or cotton wool
  • Rice, salt or anything that has an abrasive quality to it
  • Rubber gloves (to avoid getting rubbing alcohol all over your hands)
  • Rubber bands

Now that you have all of the things you need to clean your bong, it just takes a good 15-30 minutes of your time to bring your bong back to brand new.

Get cleaning!
clean your bong and how to do it

The first step is to take all the pieces apart. That means removing the cone piece, the tube – anything that comes apart from the main part of your bong. Rinse it all with hot water to get everything all soft and ready to be removed.

Now put your salt or rice inside the bong. This is going to give an abrasive quality to your cleaning solution so that it can scratch off all the really icky parts that have stuck to the inside of your bong. If you’re using salt, make sure you use enough so that it won’t dissolve in the alcohol. If using rice, you won’t have that problem. Now pour in your rubbing alcohol, put a piece of fabric or cotton wool at the top and secure it with a rubber band. Do the same over the tube to make sure that no alcohol comes out during the shaking process.

Now – shake the shit out of it. You’ll notice the rubbing alcohol start to take on the colour of all the goo that has accumulated inside your bong. Don’t be lazy about this part. Shake as much as you can. You should shake the thing for at least five minutes before retiring from the shake.

If you notice the solution getting really dirty, it might be worth emptying it out and repeating the process again. The more you shake, the more you’ll notice your bong actually return to being transparent.

Now, there might some parts of your bong that the rice and alcohol aren’t reaching. If that’s the case, you can use cotton tips or pipe cleaners that are soaked in rubbing alcohol to reach them. The point is that once the rest of your bong is clean, dirty spots are going to be very obvious. Do your best to get into those nitty gritty places.

Finally, it’s time to rinse everything with hot water for a second time. It’s also nice to remove the smell of rubbing alcohol from your bong, and the best way to do that is to soak in water or give it a good rinse. If you do this but your bong is still not glistening and shiny, just do it again and again until it is.

The cleaning process doesn’t take long, stoners! Before long, your bong will look like you just bought it. Now that’s the kind of house that you want to invite Mary Jane into, and that’s the kind of bong you want to hand over to your friends when they come over for a smoke. By the way, if you live in your parent’s house, this is the best way to clean your bong because it will remove all the smells of weed that your bong emits when you’re not using it.

Bong etiquette is something I’m really serious about. If the bong is really dirty, then you’re wasting the tastes and aromas of really good weed. So take the time to clean your bong and enjoy what it feels like to smoke out of a really clean piece.