How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

One of the ways that we recognize marijuana is by its characteristically pungent smell. Actually, it’s even a way to differentiate good weed from terrible weed. But it also happens to be the main reason people get caught with weed. Whether you’re smoking it, growing it, or just holding onto it, it’s creating a waft of ganja around you. And just like that, everybody knows that you’ve been around the herb.

Despite it being one of the things we love about weed, the smell is something that constantly needs to be hidden, too. Before smoking, during smoking – even after smoking. The smell is something you need to contend with. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a bunch of tips for you to keep the smell under control. Whether you are a cultivator or just a user, I’m sure you can find some of this advice extremely useful.

How to hide the smell of growing weed
Even if you’re just cultivating in your basement, your plants are giving off enough of a smell to let your neighbours know what’s going on. If you want to keep your growing operation a secret, you will have to implement some measures to make sure that they can’t smell it.

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate!

Make sure your grow room is well ventilated. Most grow rooms will need more than a simple in/out ventilation system. The best way to successfully cover the entire smell of weed is to purchase a carbon filter. It is a great system for absorbing all the smells that come out of your grow room, and you don’t run the risk of blowing funky smelling air out of your grow room. Your ventilation system will make sure that clean air is always coming in, but the carbon filter will absorb the smell of dirty air.

Grow other plants that are pungent in your grow room

cannabis smell

Some growers adopt the method of companion planting. This is a great permaculture method to keep pests away. But it can also be a great way of hiding the smell. For example, spearmint, citronella and marigolds all have very pungent smells. They can be enough to mask the smell of your weed. They can also be great deviators for pests who also love the smell of your marijuana garden.

Hide the smell of your bag

Ever bought a fresh bag of weed and jumped on the bus? I bet everybody was looking in your direction because they could smell your dispensary visit. There are some parts of the USA where this will actually make you some new friends. But in other parts, it could just land you an afternoon with the police. Be safe and do your best to hide the smell.

Wrap that shit – A LOT

If you’re going to be travelling around with your weed, heavily wrap it. That can mean wrapping it in foil – and then glad wrap – and then a bag – and then another bag. Wrap it as many times as you have to so that the smell will not escape and permeate your backpack or your clothes. I used to use this method when hiding weed in my room from my parents. I would finally put all that wrapped up weed in a sock or a pair of pants so that nobody would suspect it was there.

Odor resistant bags

There are many different brands of smell-proof bags that you can buy from the supermarket these days. They do a great job of keeping the smell locked into the bag so that you can comfortably move around with your herb without everybody knowing about it. They also form a great storage system for keeping weed in your house or in your car.

Hiding the smell of your smoke

The hardest smell to hide is the smell during and after smoking. It doesn’t go away right away and can tend to linger around in your hair and in your clothes. And that’s if people don’t notice your red eyes. So if you’re a regular or casual smoker and are constantly paranoid about people smelling it on and around you, this section is for you.

Use a sploof

A sploof is something that will give you something to blow your smoke into, absorbing both the smell and the smoke. You can easily make one out of an empty toilet roll, a piece of toilet paper or towel and an elastic band. Cover one side of the empty toilet roll with the toilet paper or absorbent towel and secure it with the elastic band. Now, when you’re exhaling, blow it into the sploof. It will absorb all the smoke and the smell, and no one around you will have any idea. I mean, if you get caught blowing all this air into a sploof you will also be found very suspicious. So try and stay low key while using it.

You can also buy smoke silencers from head shops. They might be a little more effective than your homemade sploof, but they function using the exact same principle.

Change your method of ingestion

weed edibles hide smell

The smelliest way to use weed is to smoke it. You also have to run the risk of smelling like weed for an hour after you use if you’re using the smoking method. However, vaporizing minimizes the smell enormously, especially in your mouth. If you go for the method of edibles, tinctures or oils, then you avoid the smelly problem altogether!

Smoke outside rather than inside

Obviously the airflow situation outside gives for a better smoke ventilation than smoking in your bathroom, for example. Smoking outside will make the smell travel away from you faster, also meaning it won’t linger around your hair or clothes so much, either. On the other hand, if you smoke in your bedroom, it’s much harder to cover up the smell that you create.

Covering up after you smoke

After you’re done smoking, you’re usually still drowning in the smell of weed. Everybody can smell it in your mouth, in your hair and on your clothes. If you want to remain inconspicuous, you will have to use some techniques to cover up the smell.

Use perfume

Using perfume immediately after smoking will mask the smell for a little while. You might still have a lingering smell of weed, but it will be generally masked by a perfume or deodorant. Be careful not to use too much or that will also seem suspicious.

Chew gum

Yes. The smell in your mouth will stick around. If you smoke cigarettes, smoking a cigarette can mask the smell of the weed in your mouth. But that also doesn’t smell very nice. So chew some gum to make your mouth smell good again.

Be patient and wait

The smell of weed doesn’t stick around nearly as long as the smell of tobacco, so if you have the patience, you can always wait. Within thirty minutes the smell will have left you completely and you’ll be safe to wander around without anybody knowing you’re high. Have a little patience, give it some time and avoid the paranoia of thinking everybody can smell weed on you!