How To Get Rid of Cottonmouth?

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

The dries, otherwise known as cottonmouth, are a thing to contend with if you love to smoke weed. It’s one of those undesired effects that tells you you’re definitely stoned, but the instant it takes effect you want to make it go away immediately. Contrary to popular belief, drinking water might not actually make the dries go away immediately. That’s because cottonmouth isn’t caused by dehydration. Even the most hydrated person can still experience cottonmouth.  So how do you get rid of Cottonmouth?

Interestingly enough, cottonmouth is caused by the interaction that THC has with cells that control saliva production. There are cannabinoid receptors in the mouth that react when they make contact with cannabinoids and terpenoids. The secretion of saliva is then inhibited. Although the tissues in the mouth can actually benefit from the compounds in marijuana, the slowing down of saliva production is just one of those side effects we have to deal with. And unfortunately, there’s no way to interfere with that – it simply is going to do what it does. However, there are ways to deal with cottonmouth after its onset, and this is what we will focus on in this article.

Things to avoid when you have cottonmouth
Bubblegum Cottonmouth

It might be tempting to step out to the bar for a beer or glass of wine after you’ve smoked weed. It only makes sense to the mind – you have a dry mouth and a cold, refreshing beer will definitely bring some moisture back to your mouth. But wrong! In fact, alcohol dehydrates the body and can actually make the dries worse rather than better.

Another symptom of the dries is also to have a dry nose or dry eyes, and alcohol is only going to make this worse. For those who like to drink tea or coffee when stoned, it’s the same story. Caffeinated products are diuretics, meaning that they drain the moisture out of the body. Unless you want to make your cottonmouth worse, avoid teas, coffees and alcoholic drinks.

The same applies to extremely salty or sugary foods. These foods have an astringent quality, and can further irritate a mouth that is already dry. Stick with foods that are hydrating, such as fruits and vegetables.

Suck on candies
Herbal drops are a great way to increase saliva production. On the other hand, sugary treats can actually cause other strange sensations in the mouth, so be careful not to choose the sherbert filled candy. In fact, the taste buds in your mouth respond to different tastes in a different way, and during a cottonmouth experience you can be wise about your choices.

For example, sour candies actually promote the production of saliva in the mouth, so perhaps you can keep a few of your favourite sour candies on hand.

Chewing gum is another way to promote saliva production in the mouth. The whole action of chewing prepares the mouth for digesting food, and the salivas in our mouths play a role in digestion. So by participating in the act of chewing, you are in fact making yourself salivate. Plus, there are certain gums which contain xylitol, which is thought to maintain a neutral pH level in your mouth. This is an ideal environment to create in a mouth which has become dry.

Suck on citrus fruits
For the same reason that sour candies help the mouth secrete saliva, lemons and oranges can do the same. They are naturally sour and so the mouth salivates to compensate for the sour taste in your mouth. Plus, they are extremely hydrating so it can feel refreshing to suck on a lemon or orange or even to drink a fresh glass of orange juice.

Use a humidifier
Ahh, this solution is probably for those who suffer really severe cases of the dries. You probably don’t even have one lying around if dry eyes, nose, mouth and throat aren’t something you experience regularly. But turning on a humidifier after smoking weed can definitely encourage the moisture to return to your body.

In fact, the whole notion of steam is a great way to moisturise both your insides and outsides. Going for a sauna is a great thing to do while stoned and is a great way to get rid of cottonmouth. If you’re not quite up for venturing into public, you can make your own head steam at home. Just fill a pot with boiling water, drop a couple of drops of essential oil into it and put your face over it. Cover your head with a towel so that the steam stays concentrated around your head and simply inhale.

Breathe through your nose
Breathe through your nose

Have you ever been sick with a blocked nose and and breathing through your mouth has just caused your throat to completely dry up? Well, this rule applies with the very same concept. When you have a dry mouth, breathing through it can just cause it to dry up further. If you’re experiencing cottonmouth, you can try breathing through your nose. This will hopefully encourage the body’s natural production of waters to go back into balance.

Herbal teas that soothe and nourish
Earlier I recommended avoiding coffee and tea, and I meant that in the case of caffeinated drinks. However, there are many herbal teas you can drink that will actually soothe a dry mouth and throat. For example, you can drink a tea that has warm lemon, ginger and honey inside. You can also try chamomile tea, which is soothing and matches well with weed because it has a relaxing quality. For the record, I think I should mention that blueberry and blackberry teas will have a similar sort of effect as black tea and coffee. You might even find that drinking herbal tea while you’re stoned is completely pleasurable because of the tastes and effects.

If you are really in doubt about how to deal with cottonmouth and none of these suggestions are working, slowly drink some water or coconut water – and sip on it slowly. Sipping on it gives the body a chance to absorb the moisture rather than to expel it instantly through urine. Or finally, just give it time! When your stone wears off, so will cottonmouth!