Eight Things Every Vaping Novice Needs to Know

Posted 2 years ago by Ian Shutts

If you’re new to vaping, there are so many questions that you might have. Looking up multiple channels and FAQs is painstaking to find all your answers, so we’ve covered the basics for you! Mentioned below are the five most essential things that a newcomer to the vaping world must know, but probably hasn’t been told yet! These will be handy, especially if you’re moving to vape in order to quit smoking cigarettes. It can take an effort to kick the butt, but the right choices and the help of vaping can help you surpass the initial process with ease!

Let’s get into what you need to know.

1) There exists the perfect vape for each person: There are so many types and models of vaping devices in the market that it may be overwhelming at first. However, you can look at all the types pacific paradise offers to know everything about vaping devices. Out of the exclusive collection lies the perfect vape for you that will be comfortable and easy to use. Since you’re a novice, we advise you to check out the e-cigarette body and closed systems first; they are easier to maintain and do not require much fuss.

2) It’s okay to cough at first:  You may think that vaping feels smooth when you try it for the first time, but you may be surprised. Many people who smoke regularly are also bound to cough in the first few sessions. This is completely normal and will smooth out as your lungs adjust to the water vapor. Since cigarette smoke has a different density and texture, it may take some time to adjust.

3) It can take longer to reach a hit: Cigarettes have been worked on for centuries to perfect a hit and how long it takes a person to reach a high. However, vapes are relatively new and much gentler on your lungs. This may take some more time for you to get a hit and can be frustrating. However, since you’re about to quit cigarettes, this is a good practice to prolong the hit. 

4) Yes, you can vape too much: If you think vapes are just water-based and hence you can’t technically overdo it, you’re in for a surprise! Vaping too much is a concept and can impact your health in many ways, so make sure to have a disciplined approach. If you start to feel nauseous or develop a headache, stop vaping and wait for these sensations to pass. 

5) Stay hydrated to avoid a dry mouth: Vaping liquid uses hygroscopic ingredients which can suck the moisture out of your mouth, lungs, and nose. Make sure that you’re drinking more water than usual when you vape because sometimes it can lead to a dry mouth and nose, which feels uncomfortable.

6) Don’t use a community vaping device: A community vaping device can be described as a device that many people use together or pass around like free real estate. This is a big no, irrespective of what your experienced friends say. The device can be a hub of pathogens when used by just one person; imagine what happens when more than one person uses it together! Also, you don’t know what a community vape has for e-liquid. Leave the frat vaping device to the others and carry your own- don’t lend it to another. Whether we’re still in the middle of a pandemic or not, protecting your lungs and health is your responsibility. Regularly wipe your device down with an antimicrobial wipe before using it.

7) Don’t vape when sick: This is a no-brainer, but we’re simply enforcing the cardinal rule of vaping. If you’re down with a cold, flu, or any other illness, put the device away and focus on recovery. Especially, if you’re showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and its variants, do not vape until you’re cleared by medical professionals. There will be plenty of occasions to vape once you’re feeling fit.

8) Don’t vape like a smoker: Smokers tend to take larger drags to produce more smoke, but in a vape, there’s nothing burning. Take slower, longer, and steady drags and give it time to start producing vapor. It’s easy to get frustrated at first, but you’ll get used to it relatively quickly.

Wrapping Up

One of the best ways to pace yourself as a transitioning cigarette smoke to a vaper is to ease off the nicotine levels gradually rather than going cold turkey. This gives your body time to accustom itself and helps speed up recovery. We hope that these answers help you vape smarter!