Cannabis 101: Tips & Tricks for Smoking Like a Pro

Posted 2 years ago by Ian Shutts

Are you trying marijuana for the first time? If so, then you’re sure to be bewildered by the diverse opinions you’ll find while surfing the internet. This information is certain to take a toll on you, especially when a great deal of what you read online is untrue, which may lead to confusion and unforeseen problems. 

Now that you’re a newbie to cannabis smoking, you’re likely looking for ways to experience the magical herb. Knowing where to start can be a struggle, but worry not! Read through this article to discover valuable and accurate information, which will prepare you for an enjoyable experience. Let’s get going with some tips and tricks for smoking like a pro:


Experiencing the Hit Isn’t Always a Guarantee

Most people think that getting high when smoking cannabis for the first time is a guarantee. Consumers believe that one or two puffs would bring them to a different world. However, the reality is quite different from popular beliefs. 

Cannabis potency isn’t the same for everyone, and you may need a significantly higher amount of THC to feel intoxicated. You can’t judge the number of puffs you need without actually trying these. Also, the absence of buzz shouldn’t force you to smoke more. The experts at hibridco state that some stains take more time to take effect than the others. 

The consumption method is also a huge determinant. You may experience immediate effects when you vape or smoke, compared to using cannabis edibles and oil. However, exercise caution when ingesting edibles as it can take over two hours to take effect and the full effect to become apparent. 

Patience is key!


Holding the Smoke Isn’t Wise

One of the most prevalent cannabis smoking myths is that to experience the maximum effects; you need to hold the smoke. It is because enthusiasts believe that having the smoke for a longer time will give your body extra time to absorb THC. However, know that it is an eternal falsehood. 

The reality is far from this assumption. 

The air we breathe has around 20% oxygen. Human lungs can hold about six liters of air in a single breath. On the other hand, the air we exhale has approximately 15% oxygen. And, the human body is insufficient at expelling carbon dioxide and inhaling oxygen simultaneously. 

Thereby, this is a complete myth as people breathe while absorbing vast amounts of oxygen at once. Also, holding intoxication for a more significant duration deprives your brain of oxygen, which in turn makes you light-hearted. 

It is wise to add toxins and carbon monoxide from the cannabis flower combustion to obtain the maximum benefits. By doing so, you tend to experience an apparent feeling. 


Use Marijuana on its Own

If you’re trying cannabis for the first time, there’s a good chance that you may end up doing it at a party, where there may or may not also be alcohol or tobacco use. 

Studies show that most newbies smoke cannabis when they’re tired and drunk. The high you experience isn’t very representative of what happens while smoking cannabis by itself. Thereby, suppose you’re paving a path to discover how cannabis works for you. In that case, it is wise to eliminate other intoxicating substances. Once you’re smoking marijuana independently, take a plunge and think if you like these effects or not. 


Final Words

Managing expectations, setting limits, and avoiding THC concentrates are other tips to smoke CBD like a pro. If you’re trying cannabis for the first time, make sure it is an exciting, enlightening, and enjoyable experience. However, never dive deep into the herb right away because safety is paramount. 

Take time to try marijuana strains before deciding if you love the magical plant or not. After all, that is something you’ll have to find by yourself!