Can You Smoke Magic Shrooms?

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

There are different types of mushrooms in the world. Some are popular in the culinary industry for their amazing flavors while others are not used at all as they contain poisonous compounds. On the other hand, some types of mushrooms are used to transport people to the magical world. These kinds of mushrooms are known as shrooms and produce psychedelic effects on people’s minds. 

In the medical community, these types of mushrooms have been used to treat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Research has shown that the use of shrooms has registered positive results on people suffering from mental health conditions. On the other hand, some take shrooms for recreational purposes. This is because the people want to enjoy the ‘magical’ trips that they have to offer. Read on to discover whether you can or should smoke shrooms. 


What are magic shrooms?

Before looking at whether you should smoke shrooms, it is important to understand what magic shrooms online are. Most shrooms that are grown in Mexico and the South American region contain some hallucinogenic compounds. Chemicals such as psilocybin are similar to serotonin, a natural hormone that is produced in the brain and can stabilize mood and promote happiness.  That is why serotonin is considered a ‘feel-good hormone that promotes relaxation.

An amazing thing happens when psilocybin is ingested into the body. A person may start to feel, see, and hear things that appear to be real but in an actual sense, they are not. You will also find that the psilocybin is fast-acting as it kicks in within 30 minutes. The effects of this substance can last for up to 12 hours. 

The effects of magic mushrooms vary from person to person. However, most people who have taken psilocybin report experiencing ego death, unity empathy, synesthesia, and euphoria.  In addition, the people seem to be more recognizant of a higher power or a divine being that wilds control over their being. 


Can you smoke magic shrooms?

Yes, it’s possible to smoke magic shrooms; but with a catch. Unlike tobacco which burns at over 930 degrees Celsius, Psilocybin stat burning at 180° C. this means that when magic shrooms reach this temperature, the compound begins to waste. However, tobacco will still be fine at normal burning temperatures.  

From the above, we can say that you can smoke magic shrooms but at a lower temperature. Unfortunately, smoking the substance will only reduce its potency and this would cause the effects not to last as long as when you have ingested it. 

If you want to smoke magic shrooms, you need to go about it the same way you do a joint. First, you need to grind shrooms, roll them in cigarette paper before gluing the sides. To have an enhanced experience, you can consider adding some weed to the crushed compound. Unfortunately, doing that can lead to a bad experience and a bad trip. This is especially true for those who are not used to mixing substances as they normally report having awful trips. Some other people prefer to both smoke and ingest shrooms to achieve the best results. But as we said above, this is dependent on one’s preferences.

When it comes to the issue of whether you should smoke magic shrooms, health experts recommend that you shouldn’t. This is because mushrooms contain spores that could get stuck in your lungs as you are smoking the substance. When present in your lungs, these spores can potentially lead to choking, inflammation, and other respiratory issues. Unfortunately, all these conditions are very difficult to treat. The safest way to take magic shrooms is therefore oral ingestion as it produces the maximum psychedelic effects while at the same time posing a minimal threat to your health. This explains why doctors recommend oral consumption of the substance for patients suffering from mental health conditions. 

The reason why it is recommended for you to eat mushrooms is that their effects are much more intense when taken that way. And as we mentioned above, shrooms’ psychedelic effects can last longer when ingested. However, it is important to note that taking shrooms this way does not eliminate the possibility of having a bad trip. Fortunately, research has revealed that chances are much lower than when smoking shrooms. To answer the question ‘can you smoke magic shrooms?’ it is prudent to say that you can smoke it, but for the sake of your health and sanity, it is better to eat it. 



When taken in the right manner and dosage, shrooms have numerous positive effects on the body. The substance can aid in enhancing your mood, promoting creativity, triggering a sense of happiness, and eliminating stress and depression.   

Taking the right shrooms dosage can also be good for your mental health. This is because shrooms help reduce anxiety in the mind. Users should however avoid taking high doses of shrooms as that can lead to bad reactions. Likewise, taking a high amount of shrooms can accumulate toxic compounds in your body. This can lead to additional complications in the body 



When utilized correctly, shrooms can be used to improve mental health in people. This leads to an improved body and mind that is good for everyone. The substance can also be used to enhance your happiness and satisfaction. However, users must be careful when taking shrooms. This is because when taken in high dosage, compounds in shrooms can lead to many unwanted side effects.  

If shrooms are recommended, it is always wise to stick to the recommended dosages. This will not only enable you to enjoy the positive effects of the medication but also avoid bad reactions that can be harmful to your health and mind. 

If you overdose on the substance, you could have a bad trip and that could worsen your mental state. Therefore, it is wise to be responsible and follow instructions when using shrooms.