Best Vape Pens In 2017

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

Image Source: Austin Vape and Smoke

The market is flooded with an inexhaustible amount of vaping pens, and not all of them are worth buying. A vape pen is kind of a piece of art, and each one is made differently. It all boils down to the design, how well it heats the liquid and the temperature at which it does it.

We’ve done you a favor by compiling a list of some of the best vape pens on the market. It doesn’t really matter what your budget, there is a vape pen on the market that can suit you.

The Sirius by Pulsar

Image Source: Your Vaporizers

This vape pen is perfect if you’re looking for value and something simple. Having said that, it can get as hot as 842° F, and does a very nice job of vaping your liquid. The atomizer is ceramic plated, combined with a fast temperature hit, it makes for a really good taste. At good value, it’s $50 and one of the cheapest high quality vape pens on the market.

The Source Orb Slim

Image Source: Vape Society

Some people claim that Source make better larger sized vape pens than “slim”, but the reviews state otherwise. This vape pen seems to deliver a deliciously powerful hit from a very slim machine. This vape is also great for those who are on a smaller budget, coming in at just $50.

The Dank Fung Express Kit
Dank Funk Express
Image Source: Dank Fung Extracts

If you have a little more money under your belt, this vape pen delivers a consistently smooth hit. It’s thick and a little bulky, but don’t let that take away from the quality of this vape pen. At $99.99, it’s durable and it’s tasty.

Dr. Dabber Ghost
Dr Dabber Ghost
Image Source: Vapefiend

When we talk about pieces of art, this is exactly what we mean. Its coils are lower heat than most other vape pens and it incorporates titanium into its technology. This vape pen was a favorite of High Times for its value ($69.95), its solid and sturdy pull and its taste. Plus, it’s perfectly sized to fit in your hand.

The FogPen by Master
The Fogpen
Image Source: Touch Of Modern

This vape pen is ideal for those who like to move around in style. If you like to boast about your posessions, this is a nice one to have in your pocket… or your pencil case. When it’s not in use, its cap disguises it as a pen. It looks totally realistic and works great when it is being vaped. The atomizer contains a double quartz coil which lives in a clear chamber, which means you can see it filling up when you’re hitting it. It damages the bank at $80.

The Cloud Pen 3.0
The Cloud Pen
Image Source: Slick Vapes

So maybe you don’t really care about style or special crystals in the chamber. You care mainly about blowing out huge clouds of smoke. Well, this is the vape pen for you. This vape pen is rightly named for its ability to give huge hits that taste good. At $99.99, this vape pen is a reliable purchase to make.

Source Orb XL
Source Orb XL
Image Source: VapeSmart

This one is definitely a step up from the Source Orb Slim – or several steps up. This one is praised for giving even huger clouds of smoke than the Cloud Pen and the High Times panel testified to that. It has a special air flow system that makes it one of the most unique pens on the market. It is also super tasty and can handle really strong concentrates. You can buy a Source Orb XL for $89.95.

The Silver Series and Glass Topper
The silver series
Image Source: High Times

This vape has a particularly unique design, coming with a glass mouthpiece that resembles a bong. This one is for showing off, and definitely not for taking inconspicuous hits on your lunch break. It’s not for those who are on a budget, priced at $130. But as well as being stylish and unique, this vape also delivers a decent hit.

The Lynx Hypnos
the lynx hypnos
Image Source: Cannabis Vape Reviews

This pen just looks really cool, with its super sleek and simple design. It gives a decent hit that produces a good amount of vape for a small vape pen. It is one of the smaller vape pens on the market but huge when it comes to flavor. It costs $75 to be the proud owner of a Lynx Hypnos.

The Executive by Dank Fung Extracts
The executive by Dank Fung Extracts
Image Source: Dank Fung Extracts

Now, this vape pen is really only for people who have a statement to make. It is designed like a fountain pen, looking very fancy indeed. Oh, and it’s plated in 24 karat gold. The hit is nice, but probably not as nice as the design and the box, which is elegantly fur lined. If you’re looking for the best hit, this might not be the best pen. But if you just want to be the hit of the party, and you have $180 to spare, this vape pen will make you very popular.