Best Dosing Recommendations For Cannabis Beginners

Posted 2 years ago by Ian Shutts

The use of cannabis in the country is widespread due to its legalization across several states. The increasing awareness regarding its medicinal benefits has fueled its popularity further. As more and more people join the wellness bandwagon, sales are skyrocketing beyond imagination. Beginners may find the first steps daunting due to the prevailing myths and stigmas about cannabis. However, it is absolutely safe for regular use, provided you follow the rules regarding optimal dosing. It is easy to go over the top due to uneducated enthusiasm, but you can follow these recommendations to get a safe start and make sure your first time is a blast.

Find the right strain

Before deciding on the dose, you must find the appropriate strain as a beginner. Everything boils down to getting a basic cannabinoid education. Ideally, newbies should opt for CBD-dominant strains as they are less likely to cause a hard hit. CBD is a non-psychoactive component with therapeutic benefits, so you have to worry less about going overboard with dosing. But you must be extra cautious with THC-dominant strains as the cannabinoid can get you high.

Dose according to the product

Dosing also depends on the product you choose for cannabis consumption. A concentrate is pure and potent, so a smaller quantity has stronger effects than higher amounts of flower and tinctures. Similarly, edible dosing gets tricky as these products do not kick in right away. They can take a couple of hours to set in, and newbies often go wrong by taking a second dose too quickly. Due to their strength, concentrates are likely a poor choice for first time users.

Know your math

Perhaps the most crucial tip for cannabis dosing is to know your math well enough to calculate wisely. You can go through to learn the concepts of measurements of cannabis. For example, an eighth is one-eighth of an ounce and measures nearly 3.5 grams. It works for rolling 2-3 blunts, packing around 6-8 bowls, or a handful of joints. Check other concepts like gram, quarter, ounce, and half-ounce to ace your measurements and know how much to purchase.

Go slow with your sessions

Experts recommend going slow to make the most from your cannabis sessions and understanding your tolerance levels. You may want to take hit after hit while smoking or try a second helping of an edible. But skip the temptation, no matter how alluring it sounds. Take one hit or a single serving at a time, and wait enough time to let the cannabinoids reach your bloodstream and deliver the effects.

Avoid increasing dosage too quickly

You will probably want to increase your dosage as you gain more experience with cannabis. But doing it too quickly and abruptly can do more harm than good. Go slow even when you want to reach your sweet spot. You may also consider taking an occasional tolerance break to start fresh and get more with less. Remember to follow the product labels for guidance regarding safe dosing. You can also seek advice from a seasoned user or budtender to dose perfectly.

Cannabis dosing can be tricky for a first-timer, but patience and restraint can help you find the perfect one. The last thing you should do is follow others blindly because the one-size-fits-all approach does not apply here.