Best Blunt Wraps

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

When it comes to smoking weed, many stoners swear by smoking blunts. It might be that they enjoy the taste of the tobacco, that it smokes better or that it makes them more high. In any case, Americans in particular love to smoke blunts. There are two ways to go about rolling a blunt. Thanks to head shops, you can buy blunt wraps ready to throw your weed inside. If you’re more traditional, perhaps you prefer to go with a classic cigar.

Opting for a cigar involves a little more work as you have to remove the wrap and then use it to roll again. Also, classic cigars are usually strong with nicotine and the flavor of tobacco, meaning they are ideal for tobacco lovers! Here is a list of the best cigar and blunt wraps for your next smoking circle.

ZigZag Wraps

When it comes to value, efficiency and variety, ZigZag Wraps must take the cake. You can get them in 21 different flavors, meaning there’s a flavor to suit every pallet. They were designed specifically to be blunts, which means that there’s no need to go emptying tobacco out of the wrap. It’s pure and they are extremely easy to roll blunts with! Oh, and you can buy 60 wraps for $26!

Double Platinum Wraps – Kush Flavor

These blunt wraps are ideal for those who prefer are slower burning paper. They take the cake for being the best at slowing down the burn time – which is best for those who like to smoke alone and hate wasting weed. Double Platnum wraps are slightly flavored, but more less taste like blunt wrap. They are also extremely economical, at 50 wraps for less than $20.

Skunk Hemp Wraps

Want to keep it organic? You can opt for hemp wraps if you’re not into the idea of smoking a tobacco leaf. As the name suggests, they even smell like skunk, and the picture on the box looks just like Pepe Le Pew. Being made out of hemp, they are much easier to roll with than the tricky blunt wrap.

Swisher Sweets
Swisher Sweets are actually proper cigars, meaning that to use this blunt wrap you have to empty some tobacco out first. They are the original mini cigar that became famous for being used as a blunt wrap. As you might imagine, they also come in a range of sweetened flavors to choose from. You can get them in most gas stations and head shops!

Phillies Blunts

If you love cigars and tobacco in general, you might have come across a Phillies Blunt cigar before. They are a full sized cigar, meaning that this blunt is definitely ideal for a party. Phillis Blunts are full when it comes to tobacco flavor, so if you’re a blunt novice this option could be a little strong. Ideal for seasoned blunt smokers and huge smoking circles! There are also some sweetened flavors for those wanting something a bit different!

The Shine Woven Blunt Pre-Rolled

This blunt wrap is for ballers. It is a blunt wrap woven out of tobacco and pure gold. Yes, that’s right – your blunt can shine with the light of pure gold. This option is definitely for those who have money to spare, costing over $20 for a single pre-rolled blunt wrap. Well… for the sake of being popular!

Juicy Double Wraps

These are a classic! Everybody is used to seeing the walls of headshops lined with packets of juicy double wraps. Stoners love them because they are economic, they come in packs of two and there are so many flavors it will blow your mind. These blunt wraps are arguably the most delicious and live up to the standard Juicy set with their rolling papers. For taste and variety, Juicy Double Wraps are the best blunt wrap!

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones

Okay, so maybe you don’t want anything to interfere with the flavor of your weed. If that’s true, then wrapping tobacco around your weed isn’t the best idea. Raw makes pre-rolled, already-filtered cones that you just have to fill up with weed. They are raw, unbleached papers giving you the least possible interference when it comes to taste. Rollers swear by Raw papers as some of the best. For an organic blunt that tastes purely of weed (but isn’t really a blunt), choose Raw!