Alternatives To Bong Water To Make Your Weed Taste Better

Posted 3 years ago by Sera

Just plain old water for your bong is boring! While most stoners are used to filling up their bong with regular, room temperature tap water, there are some experimental users out there making things a little bit more interesting. Actually, if you use regular water, it ends up smelling and tasting like a bong (and everybody knows what I’m talking about) – especially if you’re the kind of stoner who cleans your bong twice a year. So what are the alternatives to bong water?


Changing it up can add a whole different flavor to your bong experience. Okay, some like to keep it simple. But there’s no reason to fear a little change, right? Just remember stoners, this doesn’t mean you can go drinking your bong water alternative after you smoke – because yes, some of us are that stoned while reading this. Whatever liquid goes inside the bong can stay there until you clean it. It’s definitely not for drinking!

Herbal tea

Let’s get things a little more herbal than they already are by adding some herbal tea to your next bong experience. Disclaimer: do¬†not add boiling hot tea to your bong water. The glass can literally shatter. Having said that, the warmth of a hot tea in your bog can be especially soothing on your hands in winter time. And hot water works much the same way an ice bong does in that it seems to make a bong hit a little bit smoother.


Fruit flavored infusions

If you’re looking to really mix up the flavor, fruit flavoring is a great way to go about it. Just infuse it into the water as per the instructions on the label and then you’re ready to go. This doesn’t usually involve heating up the water, but if you want to ice it, that’s cool too!



Does it snow where you live? If it does, you’ve got yourself an easy bong water replacement. Go outside and get yourself a couple of handfuls of clean snow – none of that dirty kind. Load that up into your bong and see if that doesn’t cool down a smoke on a nice Winter’s day.


Make it juicy

Fruit juice is another great way to add some different flavors to your bong smoke. All kinds are appropriate, such as apple, orange or mango. Ahh, I’ve said it so many times but I’ll say it again – remember to clean your bong after using! The last thing you want is juice going rotten inside your bong. Make sure you give it a really good clean because things can get sticky in there.



To be honest, it’s not usually recommended to inhale the vapors of alcohol – and rightfully so. It’s extremely bad for you. However, using a low alcohol content wine helps you err on the cautionary side. If you love the flavor of wine and the flavor of weed, then mixing them together could turn it into a bliss bong. Some smokers use alternatives to bong water such as vodka or Jack Daniels. But I’d have to call that a poor choice for your health. If the alcohol content of the wine is low, you’ll definitely get the flavors in there without inhaling too much alcoholic vapor. Enjoy and use responsibly!


Sparkling water

Sparkling water is the perfect alternative to bong water. It doesn’t really change anything about the flavor, but gives your smoke that added kick. If you want some flavored enhancements, you can try infused sparkling waters, such as the blood orange kind. Carbonation can completely change the way the smoke feels in your mouth, almost making it bubbly!


Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is another popular alternative to bong water. The sweetness of the cranberries gives some subtle flavor undertones to your hit. Some say that the acidity of the juice can also help keep your bong cleaner for longer, but that’s still no reason to stop cleaning your bong!



Another sweet addition to your bong! Gatorade is tasty and full of electrolytes! It’s a shame those electrolytes don’t make it into your body. The flavors do, however! This is a sugary drink so remember to clean your bong afterward!


Coconut water

This is a great way to make your bong hit fresh and tasty! It’s a shame coconut water is so damn expensive. You might want to save some of it for a refreshing drink after you smoke. You can taste the nutty undertones in your smoke when you filter your bong with coconut water. If it’s a warm day outside, add some ice to it, too!


Remember your bong maintenance – always! Using alternatives to bong water is fun, but it’s a great way to ruin your bong if you don’t look after it. Mold, sticky residue and weird smells are all things that can happen in a bong that’s been filled with Gatorade and never cleaned. Clean after every use, friends, and enjoy a whole new bong experience!