7 Ways To Maximize Your Weed High

Posted 6 years ago by Ian Shutts

Every stoner remembers the first joint or bong that they ever smoked, being intensely high and laughing for hours on end. It was probably one of the most intense highs you ever had. But it seems that the longer you smoke weed for, the harder it is to get that intense high you used to get when you first started smoking. Luckily for seasoned smokers, we have some hacks that you can use to maximize the intensity of your high.

Ahh, of course you could always just smoke more. But let’s be honest – that’s an expensive way to deal with the issue. Whether you’re feeling experimental or just want to see if you can get as high as you did the first time, try these techniques for intensifying your high!

Ripe mangoes or myrcene rich fruits

There is some strange alchemy going on when you eat ripe mangoes (or any other fruit containing myrcene) before smoking up. Myrcene, which is the terpene present in mangoes, and even in some strains of weed, is responsible for making you more sensitive to weed. It does this by increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. This means that your brain can absorb THC much faster and better.

Make sure you eat the mangoes a couple of hours before smoking the joint to give the myrcene some time to take effect. This also happens to be a delicious hack, especially for those who love to eat mangoes!

Thyme, Bay and Sage

maximize your weed high

If you’re into herbal tea, then you will love this hack. These three herbs have a terpene in them called pinene, well known to open up the passages in the lungs. This can enable the cannabinoids in your weed to reach those passages much easier. However, it doesn’t just speed up the high. Pinene enables the body to absorb cannabinoids better, too, which means that your high can also be much longer lasting.


Drinking a cup of black tea can also maximize your marijuana high. One of the things that makes tea so good for you is its abundance of antioxidants, which bind with cannabinoid receptors. To drink a cup of tea after smoking encourages easier absorption of cannabinods into the body. Plus, tea is a great way to get rid of the dries!

Dark chocolate

For similar reasons to drinking tea, dark chocolate can go hand in hand with your THC experience. It’s not a coincidence that chocolate plays such a huge part in the history of edibles. Not only does chocolate taste great when you’re high, but its chemical makeup can assist in getting you more stoned.

Cacao is a natural stimulant and causes the brain to release dopamine and other “bliss” molecules, such as anandamide. It gives a high of its own that is the perfect match with THC. It also contains antioxidant properties, and binds with the cannabinoids you just smoked. It is especially effective if you eat your pot rather than smoke it.

Eat your weed with good fats

The reason that marijuana is cooked in butter or oil is because cannabinoids will only bind to fatty substances. This is also why the Indian bhang lassi is made in a yogurt drink. The best way to bring marijuana into your body is with good fats. The cannabinoids bind to them and the body is then able to absorb them. Edibles are the best way to intensify your high if you have become used to smoking weed. In fact, eating it gives a different effect altogether.

THC has a habit of binding to the fats in your body, too, which is why it can stay in your system for such a long time. So delivering it into the body with fats helps the body to absorb it, making you feel it more intensely.

Nuts and Omega 3 fatty acids

Nuts and Cannabis

Have the munchies? Never mind Doritos. You’re better off eating a handful of nuts because they are full of omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, having a serving of any omega rich foods will help your body to break down the cannabinoids in your weed and make your high more intense. You can use chia seeds, avocadoes, fish, eggs or even hemp seeds! The best way to do this is to have your omega rich foods before enjoying a joint.

Cardiovascular exercise

Believe it or not, doing some light exercise before lighting up can actually help your body to metabolise cannabinoids. Exercise (even without smoking) activates the endocannabinoid system, which is the system of cannabinoids that already exists in your body. With this system kicked into gear before you start smoking, everything can happen a lot faster and a lot more intense. You also don’t have to exercise for very long. Just go for a 30 minute walk and then reward yourself by smoking a joint!

You can use one or even a few of these techniques at the same time to boost your cannabis high. And finally, if none of them work, maybe it’s time to take a tolerance break. If it’s really hard for you to get high these days, the best thing to do is to take a couple of weeks off smoking. You’ll be surprised how much your tolerance can drop in those couple of weeks. Your first smoke will be more intense than you can handle!