5 Weed Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

Few on this site would deny that weed makes life happier and healthier. After consuming it, many are more active, creative, productive, and happier. But everyone knows there are always things that make your smoking life difficult. We wrote this guide to help you with some amazing weed safety tips. We hope that trying them out will improve your overall smoking experience. 


1) Rub Honey Over Rolled Joints

Honey can make any dish more delicious, so why not add it to your pre-rolls. It also helps to keep your joints burning quickly. Bear in mind, make sure you choose a good quality pre-roll from a trusted weed dispensary. If you are in Canada, you can order the best quality weed products from weed dispensary burnaby. The high-quality weed with a mouthwatering combination of honey is a “so yummy” hack. Try it out now! 


2) Get High When You’re Feeling Good 

There are many reasons to get high; maybe you like to when you are dealing with depression or anxiety. However, when you are enjoying your best life is a perfect occasion to get high. You can also activate your cells before going to the gym to get rid of muscle pain. It will help get rid of soreness, and you can have fun while exercising. 


3) Clean Bong Without Breaking Bank

Bong buildups are disgusting. It is important to clean them before going to smoke. Many times people rush to the store and look for specific bong cleaning products, but there is no need to. Just pour isopropyl alcohol or nail polisher remover and sea salt in the bong and shake it well. Clean it with warm water; all the ashes will be removed from the bong and it will be sparkly clean without needing to spend a bunch of money. To clean any bowl pieces or down-stems, just put the same mixture in a plastic bag along with the pieces and shake. The isopropyl alcohol loosens the gunk and the salt rubs against it to detach it from the glass. Everything will be done in just a few minutes.  


4) Use Construction Paper When Storing 

Proper storing of dry herbs is an essential part to ensure your weed will last longer with the same quality. Make sure you always use an air-tight jar and add construction paper to it while storing. It will work as a black curtain and keep weed buds fresh for a longer duration.  


5) Use a CD to Pack Your Bowl 

The entire world has switched to streaming music, but it does not mean your old CDs have no use. You can use them while packing your weed in bowls. While packing dry herbs, spilling them out is very common. You can place the bowl piece at the center of the hole. It only works if your bowl is larger than the hole in the middle of the CD, but if it is the excess weed will be placed on the cd, making convenient to clean up.  


We hope the above hacks help to make your life easier, so you can enjoy your favorite weed for a longer time. Don’t forget to try weed pre-rolls with honey to enjoy a mouthwatering flavor.