5 Ways to Extract More Sales From Your Dispensary

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

Weed dispensaries are now popping up everywhere in the states where marijuana has been legalized. Since the demand for weed is ever increasing the number of weed dispensaries is also increasing. With this increase, there has also come a sharp increase in the competition. That means to stay ahead dispensary owners will have to think out of the box to gain that extra edge over their competition. There are a number of ways to do so but let’s discuss 5 of the most effective ways. 



Your dispensary might have good weed but the infrastructure might be old and the overall look of your dispensary might not be attractive. This reduces sales. You need to do a makeover if your dispensary does not give off a nice vibe. Try changing the signage, painting the walls, reorganizing the shelves, changing the mood lighting, and so on. You can always hire an interior designer to make the place look hip. A good-looking dispensary will always attract more people and will compel customers to buy more. 


Train Staff 

You might have done everything right but in the end, your staff can be your downfall if they are not trained. Untrained staff does not know how to handle certain situations involving customers which could end up creating a bad name for your dispensary. A service businesses, where the customer is everything, you need to be a little more careful how you deal with them. Thus training employees is a must. A trained employee will not only handle adverse situations in a better way but will also help to make more sales. 


Upgrade POS 

The POS or point of sale is usually a place where customers wait in long queues and get irritated. No one likes to wait in lines. This can easily be changed by upgrading your regular POS to pocket POS. You could even offer the first dispensary point of sale that fits in your pocket. You could have your employees walk around with it and bill customers wherever they want. This new checkout experience for the customers just might provide the extra edge that you were looking for.  


Electronic Shelf Labels 

Boring old stickers on shelves are a thing of the past. Since the new electronic shelf labels have come into the market things have completely changed. These labels help the staff as well as the customers. Your staff can now be more organized with maintaining the inventory while the customers can easily find what they are looking for in a big store. Since this helps increase the overall speed of everything in the shop it will also help get in more sales by the end of the day. 


Online Marketing 

It is no surprise that the best place to market weed is on the internet where most of the youngsters spend their time. Youngsters are known to be the most avid users of cannabis and cannabis products. Even so, adults too look to the internet for good weed dispensaries around their area. Hiring an experienced marketing expert can help you really boost your sales by directing more customers towards your outlet. 


There are obviously a lot more things that you can do to increase the sales but these ones are tried and tested. These tricks will not let you down. Although keep in mind you should not hesitate to try out your own ideas and techniques to increase sales, as they just might work out better for you.