5 Tips To Be Safe Vacationing With Cannabis

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

If you are a regular cannabis user, you will probably want to carry it along with you on vacation. The idea of vacationing with cannabis supplies can make anyone apprehensive despite its legal status in most parts of the country. Fortunately, you can pack your stash for your next vacation without worries and woes. You only have to follow some rules according to your destination and mode of travel, and you are good to go. Here are some helpful tips from regular users who often take cannabis vacations. 

Know the state-specific rules 

Even as cannabis is legal in a majority of American states, you should start with in-depth research on state-specific rules. It becomes even more important if a road trip is on the cards because you may have to cross state borders while en route. Check the regulations regarding legitimate age and quantities you can buy and possess at your destination, not to mention whether marijuana is legal within whatever state you are traveling to. Travelers looking to fly should do the same but for the airline rules. These may be more restrictive since airlines are under federal jurisdiction, and cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. 

Pack like a pro 

When it comes to planning a cannabis vacation, you must pack like a pro. These products can have a telltale aroma, and proper packing can keep them from becoming prominent. Pack the herb or edibles in plastic bags and glass jars to avoid a strong odor. You need not worry much about oil, tinctures, and topical products. If possible, try to vacuum-seal any bags containing cannabis. Don’t forget to hide the stash beneath layers of clothing to keep it extra safe. 

Think discreet 

Traveling with cannabis gets a tad easier if you think discreetly. Pick small quantities and choose less-prominent products. Be extra careful about accessories because large ones can bring unwanted attention. Discreet use is not just about the consumption method and quantity but accessories as well. You can opt for a pocket rig instead of a big bong for smoking on a trip. Pocket-sized devices are handy and lightweight, so you will never struggle to pack them or carry them around.  

Choose the right accommodation 

When you travel with cannabis, you must stick only with 420-friendly accommodation. After all, you wouldn’t want to deal with the objections of other guests or hotel rules that keep you from having a session indoors. It makes sense to get started with thorough research of your options online. You can book in advance or prepare a list of options to explore once you are there. You can smoke in your room and, if you are in a legal state, even have your stash delivered from a local seller during your stay.  

Prioritize safety

Whether you consume cannabis at home or on vacation, safety should be your top priority. A holiday isn’t the best time to try your hand at cannabis for the first time because you never know how your body will respond. Have a few sessions at home before you plan the trip. Know the dosage that works for you and stick with it to be safe. Avoid doing solo sessions if you are a beginner. 

A cannabis vacation can be a dream holiday, provided you follow the rules and precautions. These actionable tips from experts can help, and you should listen to your instincts to have a safe and enjoyable experience.