5 of the Rarest Cannabis Strains

Posted 6 years ago by Ian Shutts

What used to be old-school cannabis are now some of the rarest cannabis strains in the world. They became myths and legends, all thanks to our need to create new and more exciting strains.

We are playing god when it comes to cannabis genetics. We cross one potent strain with another in the hopes of creating the best with the highest yields and the highest cannabinoid concentrations.

cannabis field

Selective breeding, in a way, changed the cannabis landscape. For example, it allowed us to develop high-CBD strains needed in the medical cannabis industry. But genetic mixing also endangered a lot of native and vintage strains. In fact, cannabis strains native to Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East and Africa are disappearing. Hybridized and more modern strains replaced them, making these vintage cannabis strains rare and hard to find.

Below are five of the rarest cannabis strains in the world.

Lebanese Strain

Lebanon is said to be one of the top producers of some of the world’s finest cannabis strains. Unfortunately, their pure Lebanese strain is quickly disappearing. In fact, you won’t see them in most local dispensaries.

Lebanese offers a sweet, cedar and piney aroma with delectable hints of hashy spices. It’s pretty potent as well. Its yellow variety contains more THC and produces a quick high. Its red variety, on the other hand, produces a more sedative effect due to its high CBN content.


Lamb’s Breath Strain

Lamb’s Breath strain originated from Jamaica. Popularized by Bob Marley, Lamb’s Breath offers a dank and earthy aroma that’s also a bit pungent. You’ll also get some hints of spices and lemons upon inhalation. It tastes a bit like tobacco with robust flavors of lemon, lime, and spices. Lamb’s Breath boasts of a high THC level. Some tests reveal its THC levels range between 16% and 21%.

Due to its high demand, this Jamaican Sativa classic nearly disappeared. It’s hard to find Lamb’s Breath nowadays, but a good internet search should give you some providers that offer this rare strain. Just make sure though that the provider is legit before making any purchase.

Roadkill Skunk Strain

Considered a legend in the cannabis world, Roadkill Skunk became popular for its very pungent and very skunky aroma. Its THC level ranges between a modest 12% to a high of 18%. This rare cannabis strain delivers a quick and potent head high that gently melts into a warm body buzz. At high dosages, Roadkill Skunk produces a strong couch lock that eases you into a deep slumber.

You won’t find this strain in most local dispensaries. But thankfully, Roadkill Skunk is making a comeback. We might see more of them in the future.

Colombian Red Strain

Popular during the 1970s, Colombian Red made it to the High Times top 40 cannabis strains of the world. This Sativa offers a sweet flavor and aroma redolent of butter, honey, and chestnut. Colombian Red has a pretty high THC content that typically falls between 20% and 24%.

Unfortunately, you can no longer find this rare and potent Sativa in the market. If you do find one, it’s one that seed companies produced to recreate this popular strain. But even that is rare to find since growers find it hard to cultivate this strain.

Colombian Red

Idukki Gold Strain

Idukki Gold originated from India, specifically the Kerala state situated in Southern India. This one strain needs a saving especially since it grows best in its native habitat. Although it also grows in other parts of South India, cannabis connoisseurs will tell you that they’re just not the same. Those grown elsewhere just don’t have the same qualities as those grown in Kerala itself. But with the government aggressively going after illegal growers, we might lose this rare strain pretty soon.

This elusive strain produces a pungent and spicy aroma with hints of herbs. It tastes sweet as well with fruity and spicy undertones. You’ll also get hints of vanilla and herbs.

These are just some of the rarest cannabis strains in the world. They account for only a small fraction of the vintage, old-school strains we’ve come to love and enjoy. Although they are not as potent as our modern strains, they still appeal to most cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The fact that they’re so rare nowadays makes them even more desirable.

But don’t fret. Our technology in breeding, growing, and cultivating cannabis has come a long way. Our good breeders may just find a way to recreate these “oldies but goodies” so we can enjoy them again.