5 Cannabis Smoking Hacks for the Best Experience

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

What does a cannabis lover expect from each smoking session? Nothing but a great experience! But things may or may not add up every time, and you may end up without the outcome you expect. Maybe you don’t feel relaxed enough, or the pain doesn’t subside for long enough. Thankfully, there are some easy hacks that seasoned users swear by for enhancing their experience. All you have to do is integrate these simple changes in your sessions to get the best experience ever. 

Make your own pipe

Although you probably keep your own supplies on hand, you may run out of papers at some point. If you have nothing to smoke out of, just grab a fruit or veggie and you are all set to make your own pipe. Apples are an ideal option because they are abundant and naturally conform to a nice bowl shape. Pineapples and coconuts also make great options. Fruits are an excellent choice for eco-conscious cannabis users because they are organically disposable. Try your hand a couple of times, and you will master the skill.  

Buy in bulk

The next hack relates to money-saving because it is equally crucial for regular users. Whether you shop online or from a dispensary, consider buying in bulk. You can get hefty discounts on bulk purchases. But make sure you follow the legitimate quantity rule. You may bill the purchase with a friend and save together. A risk of buying in bulk is smoking more, so divide your supplies into smaller sections and ration them. 

Keep a vape pen handy

A regular smoker loves the idea of making big rings with cannabis. The feeling is enthralling as you learn how to smoke a joint as a beginner and perfect the art down the years. But there are times when you have to be discreet. A handy vape pen can be a savior because it doesn’t create big clouds or exude the tell-tale smell of weed. It fits into your pocket, so you can carry and use it without attracting unwanted attention.  

Combine it with coffee and mints 

A cup of coffee blends well with cannabis smoking, so have a fresh brew at hand when you start. You can drink it before or after the session for better outcomes. A shot of caffeine can be effective if you feel too lazy after your smoking session. Mints are great for countering the munchies. Just suck on one as you smoke, and there’s a good chance you will not have the urge to go looking for snacks. 

Get higher with a mango smoothie

Another drink that pairs well with cannabis is a mango smoothie because it gets you higher. The fruit has flavor terpenes similar to those found in cannabis, and they help THC to reach the bloodstream. The best thing about it is that mango smoothies are full of nutrients, and make an excellent way to satiate your craving as the munchies creep in. Shake it up and have it ready before you start. 

You need not need much to have a great time with every cannabis session. Just follow these five hacks, and you are all set!