4 Unique Stoner Accessories to Buy Today

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

A lot of people like to collect certain items. Some collect expensive alcohol, while others collect postcards from all over the world. With the boom in the marijuana industry recently, and with so many avid smokers coming out, people are also collecting stoner merchandise and accessories. 

There are a ton of ways to smoke cannabis these days, and for that, there are different accessories. We have curated a list of four of the best and most unique stoner merchandise that is guaranteed to turn heads or at least get some raised eyebrows.  


THC Gummy Bears 

This might not exactly be an accessory, but what kind of stoner out there would not love to have THC gummy bears with them?  Edibles are definitely a level above smoking up. Edibles give you a longer-lasting high that can be described as being a lot more intense than when you smoke weed. You can plan an entire day for tripping on edibles with your friends. This can definitely end up as one of the best gifts your friend could receive on their birthday. Just remember to start with a little bit if you do not know how potent they are. 


Dab Rig & Terp Pearls 

Every hard-core stoner needs a top-quality dab rig. Sure, you might have an average rig that works well, but if you have had it for a few years, it is definitely best to switch up to a better one. Most people who dab often also use terp pearls in order to distribute the heat evenly for their concentrates. You should know that the more heat, the more extract is wasted during a hit. This can be very easily resolved by using a spinner carb cap and terp pearls. Gift your friend the complete set, it is something that will last them for years to come.  



No matter what way of smoking weed you find best, you need a good grinder. If you have a poor-quality grinder, it doesn’t chop the bud evenly and effectively. You need razor-sharp teeth that will turn your bud into a finely ground mix. The more even the consistency, the better your joint will burn. It will even burn better in your bong’s bowl. Every stoner should have a good grinder in their arsenal. If your grinder is looking a bit fishy, this might be the best time to gift yourself one. 



Every stoner, no matter how much they actually use it, needs a good and sturdy bong in their life. Bongs are an amazing way to get incredibly high in a short period of time, with a lot less weed than you would need in a joint. It would be horrible to get clumsy and drop your bong just to see it shatter. Remember to invest in a sturdy and durable bong that will last you for a long period of time. 


There are a ton of unique stoner accessories out there in the market. Use this list to help you figure out what accessories you need.