10 Potent Edibles

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

So you’re not just on the hunt for any edible – you’re looking for the most potent one on the market. Well, with edibles it can be hit and miss, as we all know, and definitely a variance between products. And of course, we always need to take into account that different people are going to have different reactions. Unfortunately, sometimes picking the one with the highest THC content doesn’t always mean it’s the strongest.

Which one will you choose? First, we have some advice on how to manage dosages because when edibles get too potent, things get sour. You can’t die from ingesting too much cannabis, but the experience can get downright uncomfortable and unpleasant. So when it comes to strong edibles, it’s better to move within your ideal range of being stoned.

Choosing a dose

Ingesting marijuana in edible form requires patience, because it can take hours to take effect. It’s usually during the waiting period that people tend to eat more, thinking nothing is happening. But low and behold, an hour later comes an onslaught of cannabinoids. If you’re already familiar with edibles, then you might already have some idea how to manage the buffering period and the dosage.

If you’re new to edibles, the best piece of advice I can give is start small and work your way up. It’s really hard to “go back” from a marijuana “overdose”, and if you take too much you have to wait out the experience. Sometimes, even vomiting doesn’t make it go away. If you’re working with stronger edibles, it’s better to take a small piece and work your way up. The same is not necessarily true for weaker edibles, that can be taken a little more lightheartedly.

Some people say that if you’re used to the effect of weed from smoking, you’re basically free to experiment with edibles. I don’t think I necessarily agree, given that the effects are considerably different to each other when eaten compared to when smoked. Even if you’re a seasoned smoker, it’s best to move slowly when it comes to edibles.

The market is overwhelmed with different edible products, and while some are extremely potent, others just contain lower amounts of THC. The following is a guide to some of the most potent cannabis edibles on the market in the USA. As always, this comes with a warning to use responsibly. The only one who is going to pay for taking too much is … You!

1. LOL Edibles XL Rice Crispy Treat
LOL Edibles
Image Source: Boxden

Shall we start with the most potent THC edible product on the market? In one rice crispy treat, you can punch your brain with 1,800 mg of THC. You probably wouldn’t want to eat the whole thing in one bite. That would surely end in disaster. The concensus is that they are pretty tasty because they have a sweet chocolate layer to them. But they definitely aren’t cheap. If you want to invest in an XL Rice Crispy Treat, you have to fork out $50. If you were going to spend a night alone with this one, it would be an expensive date!

2. The Korova Black Bar

Image Source: Korova Edibles

This product is labeled with “unrivaled potency”, and according to reviews, as much is true. Just tiny bites of this 1000 mg brownie is enough to do the job, and it’s delicious, too. Chocolaty and crumbly, this one might even be dangerous to keep around while stoned!

3. The Elvis Cookie

Image Source: Bud Man Huntington Beach

The Venice Cookie Company is famous for making deliciously medicated delights, and this one also doesn’t fail. With 1000 mg of THC – and plenty of peanut butter, banana and chocolate chips – this cookie is strong and tasty.

4. Day Dreamer’s Dream Catcher

Day Dreamer’s are industry leaders, and this chocolate bar claims to contain 360 mg of THC. It is conveniently segmented into 6 individual pieces of 60 mg, making dosing really easy for dummies!

5. Topanga Harvest Mini Muffins

These edibles are a favorite for stoners because they barely taste of weed at all. In fact, they taste just like the perfect mini muffin in a whole range of delicious flavors. They come in dosages of 35mg per muffin or 50 mg per muffin, and they can be purchased in packs of 3 or 8. Again, for dummies this is a winner!

6. Punch Chocolate Bar

These chocolate bars certainly do pack a punch with 225 mg of THC in each small block. It’s amazing how many cannabinoids they can cram into a small piece of chocolate. What’s better is that this small piece is broken up into 9 smaller pieces of 25 mg.

7. Kaneh Co. Best Of Both Worlds Brownie
Best Brownie
Image Source: 420 Foodie Club
This delicious brownie packs 1000 mg of THC into probably one of the most delicious treats you can get your hands on. Never mind this one if you’re on a diet, because it is rich and fudgy. And one of the strongest edibles on the market.

8. Clean Healing Pizza Sauce
Image Source: High Times

Not a sweet tooth? It’s ok – cannabis chefs out there are keeping you guys in mind. This jar contains 500 mg of THC and is deliciously perfect on your own home made pizza. Heck, you can even spread it on a piece of toast and call it a day. Be careful dosing this one, because you’ll have to judge using your intuition.

9. Waska Medical Cannabis Cookies and Cream Hemp Milk

Although it isn’t the tastiest edible on the market, it’s one of the healthiest. The bottle contains 300 mg of THC, which means just a few sips is enough to get all the blood flowing. You can even mix or dilute it with something else for a better flavor.

10. Slactavis Cannabis with Syrup

Image Source: MMJMenu

This product is designed to be mixed in with a soda and to be drank that way. The bottle contains a whopping 1,500 mg of THC, meaning it’s highly recommended that you measure out the dosage when it comes to this one. This powerful product comes in a range of flavors!