10 of the Best Homemade Bongs

Posted 7 years ago by Ian Shutts

Not every stoner wants to spend heaps of money acquiring a really decent bong. Plus, some stoners like to get really creative at home. For that reason we live in the age of the homemade bongs and here we list our 10 best homemade bongs. They are fun to smoke and you really get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. People don’t just want to get high anymore! They want to look really cool while they do it. Here you’re going to find 10 of the best homemade bongs and instructions on how to create some of our favorites.

As a disclaimer, my recommendation is never to use aluminum foil when you’re making cone pieces for your bong. Inhaling the fumes of burning tin foil can cause you a myriad of health problems!

The fruit bong

The fruit bong is a famous pastime of many smokers. When there’s no piece lying around, it’s pretty simple to make an apple bong or a strawberry bong. If you’re feeling really creative, you can stack up pineapples, watermelons, and apples on top of one another and have a huge piece. Hollowing out the fruit to create some space for the smoke to travel is about as complicated as this engineering project gets!

The winter bong
the winter bong

If you live somewhere cold and snowy, you can make a snowman bong! That’s right! You can literally build the bong out of snow in your backyard. It’s kind of like making a sandcastle – only out of snow. You can fashion a tube where you’ll suck, and even a bowl shape with a mouth piece. If it’s cold enough, it might even be there the next morning so that you can have another hit. PS – don’t let the photo terrify you. It’s of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee cannibal and his home made snow bong.

Gravity Bong

Every seasoned stoner can testify to the power of the gravity bong. You can create so much smoke with a gravity bong that it can leave you stoned for a day. All you actually need for this is a plastic bottle, a cone piece and some water. You’ll need some herb, too, of course. The first step is to cut the plastic bottle in half. The top part where the lid used to be is going to be where you suck. The bottom part will be half full of water. By suspending the top half of the bottle in the water and lighting the herb in the cone piece, you create a vacuum inside the bottle. Slowly pull the top half while burning up the herb, and watch the top part fill with water. Don’t pull it out all the way, or you’ll lose your smoke. When you’re ready, pull out the cone piece and suck!

Bamboo bong

Everybody likes to get down with nature, right? This bong involves using a decent sized piece of bamboo to create the stem. Create a small hole at the front so that you can attach another, much smaller piece of bamboo. Put a cone piece on the end of the smaller piece of bamboo. Oh, and don’t forget to put a base on the stem so that your water doesn’t all come out the bottom. Enjoy using plants to make your bong!

Lego bong

This kind of bong is for those who are a little more creative and like to play with Lego. The cool thing about the Lego bong is that you aren’t restricted to shape or size. It’s all your creative liberty. Make sure it’s hollow inside so that the smoke can travel, and make sure you leave somewhere where you can attach a pipe or cone piece to fill up with herb. Oh, and don’t go using your baby sister’s Legos either. Otherwise her play time will forever be associated with the smell of bong water.

Test tube bong
test tube bong

Any crazy scientists out there? For the test tube bong you will need one of those cute test tubes that can have a lid screwed on to the top. Make two small holes in the top so that you can attach a pipe with a cone piece, This pipe will need to be long enough to reach all the way down into the water. You can even use straws for this, but make sure you don’t burn any plastic.

The second pipe will be from where you suck. This one definitely shouldn’t be touching any water. Now fill up your cone piece with some herb and do some psychedelic alchemy!

Gas mask bong

This bong is definitely not for beginners. But every stoner should try this at least once. You need to find yourself a gas mask for this one and after that it’s really simple. Attach a pipe from the mouth of the gas mask to the top of the bong. Now put the gas mask on and enjoy being smoked the fu*k out.

The starburst pipe
the starburst pipe

You could attempt to make a bong out of starburst candies, but you would need a lot, and it would require a lot of work. The easiest way to do it is to make a pipe. Line up three starburst candies in a row and poke a hole all the way through the first and second. Stop halfway through the third. Then add another star burst on top of the third one, and poke a hole from the top so that it meets with the chamber you created. Press out the top part a little bit so that you create something that looks like a cone piece. Now fill it up with weed and taste the rainbow!

Pringles bong

If you’re about to get stoned, you probably have a Pringles can lying around. Or you’re about to go shopping for one because you’re going enjoy those salty Pringles when you’re high. Make sure that you’ve eaten all the Pringles inside before you attempt this one. It’s so easy. All you have to do is poke a hole big enough to fit a little hand held pipe in there. Throw some water in the pringles can so that the pipe is slightly submerged in the water (from inside). You’ve got yourself a salty bong.

Coconut bong
coconut bongs

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere tropical, you can have some fun with coconuts. The awesome thing about the coconut bong is that there is no need to add water – the coconut is already full of it! You need to drill two appropriately located holes – one should be directly on the top and the other slightly to the side. Add a pipe to the one that is slightly lower, making sure it is touching the coconut water. This will be the cone piece. The one on the top will be from where you suck, so a straw or a hollowed out pen will suffice!

Enjoy getting creative with home made bongs!