5 Tips To Grow Cannabis In Limited Apartment Space

Posted 3 years ago by Ian Shutts

Cannabis cultivation is a popular trend these days. It gives you the satisfaction of being self-sufficient, while you can save on your stash as well. However, space constraints can be a concern if you have an indoor cannabis garden in mind. Things can get even more challenging if you live in an apartment. Many apartment dwellers have thriving indoor cultivations that inspire others who are apprehensive about the idea. Here are some tips they share about growing cannabis in limited apartment space.

Choose the right strain

Choosing the right strain matters when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. It becomes even more crucial when you struggle with space constraints. Typically, indica plants grow shorter, making them apt for apartment growers. Sativa can shoot for the ceiling, so it is better to skip these strains. You can start with online research or seek advice from a seasoned grower to find a perfect strain that matches your expectations and fits in your space. 

Have a plan to deal with the odor

Cannabis plants have a telltale odor that can get your secret out and make the neighbors curious. You may even get into trouble if your neighbors resent the smell and report it to the landlord. Having a plan to deal with the situation keeps you in a good place. An air freshener is the most affordable way to handle the smell. You can install an exhaust duct with an active carbon filter as a long-term solution. 

Invest in LED grow lights

Good lighting is crucial for thriving indoor cultivation because you cannot rely on natural light. Investing in an led grow light is non-negotiable for apartment growers. They run quietly, making them ideal for stealth apartment grows. You may have to spend a bit more upfront on full spectrum LED lights, but their energy efficiency covers the cost sooner rather than later. Just make sure you adjust the intensity according to the growth stage, and you can have a good crop in a limited area. 

Pick the apt growing arrangement

Apartment dwellers usually cannot afford to have a separate growing space for their cannabis crop. You must pick an apt arrangement to ensure that your plants have enough space to thrive. Grow tents, boxes, and wardrobes are popular options. Wardrobes or closets are ideal if you want to do stealth growing. You get all the privacy you need even from curious flatmates, and a little care takes the crop a long way. 

Ventilation and humidity control are important

Like any other plant, cannabis needs to breathe. Ensure that you have ample ventilation to keep the place at an optimal temperature. A hot and stuffy growing space can stress out the plants and retard their growth. Humidity control is equally crucial. High humidity can cause mildew and mold, which can destroy your crop. It is a good idea to install a humidifier in your apartment to manage humidity levels at all times.

Growing cannabis in your apartment sounds daunting, but it is easier than you imagine. Give your plants good care and keep things discreet, and you can have a thriving crop even in a limited area.